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coconut oil soap

  • cold-stirred from organic coconut oil
  • without synthetic fragrance, colours and preservatives
  • nourishing and moisturising
  • with fresh citrus aroma of balm
  • with pleasantly soft foam
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100 g
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Refreshing cleansing with precious coconut oil soap

Our organic coconut oil soap balm is a purely plant-based soap from virgin coconut oil. It is cold-stirred according to traditional manufacturing techniques. Its citrus scent of fresh balm from essential oils pampers the skin and leaves a pleasant fragrance. The coconut oil soap is suitable as hand and body wash.

We do not use synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives for the manufacturing of our soaps. Many conventional soaps, especially liquid soaps, contain these and other harmful substances like fats on the basis of petroleum, silicones, stabilisers and cosmetic colours. These substances do not only harm the skin but also the environment.

Nourishing for the skin

Our coconut oil soap balm has a good skin tolerance and due to its refreshing scent, it is ideal as hand wash. The cold-stirred coconut oil soap contains all natural fat accompanying substances, including valuable glycerin. These special properties make it a mild cleanser and at the same time nurture the skin as glycerin has a moisture-regulating effect and protects the skin from drying out.
In addition, the coconut oil soap contains skin-friendly, non-saponified coconut oil which nourishes the skin everytime you use it. The soft, smooth and fluffy foam thoroughly cleanses the skin and leaves a pleasant fragrance. The product does not contain synthetic perfume, colours or preservatives.
The slightly alkaline soap has a pH value of 9 to 10. Coconut soap as well as virgin coconut oil are known for their antibacterial effect. The coconut oil that we use for the soap consists of more than 60 % medium-chained fatty acids and contains 50 g lauric acid per 100 g.

Coconuts - a highly valuable raw material

Our precious soaps are made on the basis of valuable coconut oil. The coconut palm, also called Tree of Life, serves many purposes and almost all parts of the plant are useful in some way. It is the most important crop in the tropics and it has an enormous economic significance for the local people. Moreover, the coconut palm is one of the essential staple foods in the area. Ripe coconuts are categorised as highly nutrient functional food. They are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds. This makes them perfect for our handmade, cold-stirred soaps.

Our coconut oil soap is vegan and not tested on animals. The coconut oil comes from controlled organic cultivation.


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from Jochen Korm at 09.11.2021
Die Seifen auf Kokosöl-Basis sind allesamt sehr angenehm, rückfettend und tun hervorragend das, was Seife tun soll: Schmutzige Haut reinigen. Wer gerne, wie ich, mit den bloßen Händen in der Gartenerde wühlt, weiß das zu schätzen
from Jochen Korm at 17.08.2020
Die Seifen, egal welche Duftnote, zeichnen sich durch eine sehr angenehme Rückfettung der Haut aus. Selbst nach intensiver Gartenarbeit kann ich auf zusätzliche Creme nach der Handwäsche verichten.
from Angelika Glatz at 20.04.2020
Ebenso ein cremiges und angenehmes Gefühl auf der Haut. Hier gefällt mir der Duft auf der Haut deutlich besser. Würde ich, wenn ich könnte, ein halbes Sternchen mehr geben als der Lavendelseife.
from Angela Dr. Rosco at 27.08.2020
die Kokosseifen von der Ölmühle Solling verwenden wir seit vielen Jahren und ich habe noch keine besseren Seifen gefunden, auch nicht bei anderen handwerklichen Seifenmanufakturen.
from Sabrina Alt at 29.10.2021
Eine wirklich gute Seife, welche die Haut nicht austrocknet. Für mich könnte der Geruch nach Melisse intensiver sein - darum ein Stern Abzug.
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