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Barbecue set with barbecue tongs

Barbecue set with barbecue tongs
  • Selected combination of three hearty seasoning oils
  • Gift idea for barbecue enthusiasts
  • including beech wood barbecue tongs
4,88 of 5 stars
from 58 ratings
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Chili seasoning oil 0.1 l

In our chili seasoning oil, fiery, fruity chili peppers meet mill-fresh, cold-pressed rapeseed oil. The valuable oil preserves the intense spiciness (and also the beautiful red color) like a safe. Do you know this? Some people like it mild, others can't get it hot enough. Chili seasoning oil with the practical dosing aid is ideal for seasoning at the table and ensures that all diners can easily get the right individual spiciness on their plate.
Tip for anyone who is new to chili: Be careful when seasoning. Thanks to our dosing aid, the spiciness can be dosed drop by drop. more

Smoked paprika seasoning oil 0.1 l

Whether vegan, vegetarian or for BBQs. With this seasoning oil, you can turn your dishes into a campfire taste experience in no time at all and by the spoonful.

Hearty paprika, a hint of spiciness and a subtle smoky note: with every drop, smoked paprika seasoning oil adds a touch of campfire to dishes of all kinds. The delicious combination of roasted, smoked, spicy peppers and mill-fresh rapeseed oil not only appeals to fans of classic smoked paprika, but to anyone who loves a hearty taste. Equally suitable for meat and fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes. more

Barbecue peanut seasoning oil 0.25 l

Barbecue seasoning oil is a hearty, spicy combination of freshly milled cold-pressed peanut oil with pepper, rosemary, caraway, bay leaf and juniper, complemented by a hint of garlic. As the name suggests, this powerful combination of spices is ideal for grilling or roasting anything. Simply brush meat, fish, meat alternatives or vegetables with barbecue seasoning oil and cook on the barbecue or in a pan - for a hearty seasoning even without a long marinating time. By the way: peanut oil can be heated to high temperatures. If you need to do something really quickly, you can also use barbecue seasoning oil directly for quick frying in the pan. more

Beechwood barbecue tongs

These barbecue tongs made from regional beech wood are produced by a family business in Germany and are not treated with chemicals. You receive these barbecue tongs free of charge with this set.


Piquant peanut sauce

Piquant peanut sauce

Piquant peanut sauce with roasted peanuts, coconut milk and our cold-pressed peanut oil. Refined with lemon juice and laced with chili spice oil. zum Rezept
Syrian cucumber salad

Syrian cucumber salad

Cucumber salad with three of our precious spice oils. Yogurt neutralises the pungency of the chili oil for a pleasant spiciness. zum Rezept
Piquant quinoa salad with avocado

Piquant quinoa salad with avocado

Recipe for mixed salad with quinoa, tomatoes, maize and avocado.\r\nRefined with our argan oil, rasperry vinegar and chili spice oil or tandoori spice oil. Garnished with fresh coriander. zum Rezept

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from Andrea Schmidt at 17.09.2020
Wie in anderen Bewertungen beschrieben keine gemeinsame Verpackung als Set, sondern alles einzeln im Karton, was als Geschenk äußerlich etwas den Spaß nimmt. Inhaltlich tolle Gewürzöle, die für Vegetarier ideal sind um Tofu&Gemüse den Grill- Geschmack zu verleihen. Die Zange ist eher ein Geschenk Accessoire als ein... mehr >>
from Kathlen Ludwig at 01.09.2020
Dieser Kauf war ein Geschenk für einen "Hobby-Griller". Es ist super gut angekommen und würde auch geschmacklich gelobt. Ich hätte mir eine sepate Verpackung, evtl. in einem Geschenkkarton gewünscht.
from Dörte Lavrenz at 24.11.2021
Gut geignet zum grillen und braten. Das Chiliwürzöl ist super scharf und sollte sehr vorsichtig angewendet werden. Ich verwnede es für Suppen, Pasta, Aufläufe usw. Im Set zu einem sehr gute Preis.
from Gerald Graser at 20.06.2021
War ein Geschenk und kam super an. Die Sets von Solling kaufe ich gerne auf Vorrat. Kleine Geschenke erhalten die Freundschaft.
from Sandra Baier at 15.11.2023
Ich habe es verschenkt, mein Bekannter ist begeistert, hat es auch an Kartoffeln gemacht und gegrillt, sehr lecker und würzig.
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