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Differences between "Coconut Oil from the Whole Kernel" and "Coconut Oil Virgin"

To us, the term "virgin" means that the coconut oil is pressed as gently as possible, without any further treatment. It has an exotic, mild, nutty flavour and the typcial and aromatic taste of fresh coconuts. At Ölmühle Solling, we offer two variants of virgin coconut oil: As you can tell by the name, we use the entire kernels, including their thin, brown skins for our oil "from the whole kernel". This leads to an authentic and aromatic taste. In addition, we offer a white, virgin coconut oil from peeled kernels with a milder flavour.

Image: "Copra" of opened coconuts with their brown skins

In order to produce a high-quality virgin coconut oil, we only use fully riped coconuts for our products. After harvesting, trained and experienced workers manually open the hard outer shell of the coconuts. Once opened, the coconut water from the inside of the nut is collected and the next steps of processing need to be intiated as quickly as possible. At first, the meat is removed from the shell by hand. For white coconut oil, the thin, brown skin around the pulp is peeled off. For our coconut oil "from the whole kernel", the skin is kept. Removing the skin leads to a slightly milder taste and a lighter colour of our white virgin coconut oil.

In the next step, the coconut meat called "copra" is grated to rasps by stainless steel cutting units. Before the oil can be pressed, the rasps need to be dried. The drying process only takes a few minutes, and the temperature of the drying hot air must reach at least 80 °C to ensure the durability of the oil.