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Feel good oils

Organic oils for a feeling of well-being

contain a range of fatty acids which are particular to a specific oil in an exceptionally good combination. Each oil also contains vitamins and further phytochemicals of that particular oil seed. Many of these oils are enjoyed by those following a healthy diet, you can of course enjoy them straight from the spoon. They are, however, also ideal (whatever alone or combined with other oils) for salad dressings or in muesli or yoghurt. They should never be heated.

Feel good oils

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Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Milk Thistle Oil  virgin [Organic]
Enjoy the milk thistle oil straight from the spoon, with fine dressings and green smoothies. Also suitable for skin care ...
Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Chia oil (Salva hispanica)  virgin [Organic]
Chia (Salvia hispanica) was valued by the Aztecs as a source of vitality. The golden-yellow oil of the chia seeds is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty
Black cumin seed oil  egyptian . virgin [Organic]
Black cumin oil can be enjoyed pure and also in droplets in the dressing for salads (tomato, beetroot) as well as for or ...
Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Borage oil  virgin [Organic]
This freshly milled pure oil is from cold pressed borage seeds. This preserves the valuable ingredients particularly well. Enjoy it straight from the
Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Evening primrose oil  virgin [Organic]
Enjoy it straight from the spoon or as skincare.
Hemp seed oil  virgin [Organic]
Cold pressed from freshly harvested hemp seeds (low in THC of course). This preserves the valuable ingredients and typical flavour particularly well.
Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Linseed oil  virgin [Organic]
Linseed oil is often prepared with jacket potatoes and quark. It is also suitable as an ingredient for fresh vegetables ...
Omega balance oil  virgin [Organic]
A digestible mixture of eleven high grade, cold pressed organic vegetable oils (“Virgin Eleven”). It contains essential omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acid
Pomegranate seed oil  virgin [Organic]
Dried pomegranate seeds are carefully cold pressed for this pure oil. It contains approximately 60 % punicic acid. For dressings and dips, enjoy it s
Sea buckthorn oil  from the pulp [Organic]
This freshly milled oil is from cold pressed sea buckthorn pulp. This preserves the valuable ingredients particularly well. Sea buckthorn oil contains
Wheat germ oil  conventional
For braising, for dressings, dips and marinades.

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