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Flaxseed flour

partly de-oiled

Flaxseed flour
EU Bio
EU agriculture
Naturland Zertfiziert
  • fresh quality from cold-pressed organic flaxseed
  • in light-protecting and resealable packaging
  • fibre with high water absorption capacity
  • nutty taste, well digestible and wholesome
  • for baking bread and pastries
  • ideal for low carb diet
4,90 of 5 stars
from 943 ratings
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500 g
5,90 € / 1 kg

The flax plant (Liunum usitatissimum L.) is one of the oldest crops in the world and is appreciated for the high content of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, mainly alpha-linolenic acid, in its seeds. Cold-pressing of freshly harvested flaxseeds produces valuable flaxseed oil, which is rich in omega-3 as well. The presscake, a by-product of the mechanical extraction process, still contains 10 g of this precious essential fatty acid as well as one third vegetable protein and 40 g fibre per 100 g. This presscake is gently ground to our fine flaxseed flour.

Gluten-free, low-carb alternative for baking

Flaxseed flour, also known as flax flour, has a high water absorption capacity and is suitable as ingredient for bread dough or pastries of all kinds. You can replace 10 to 20 % of the flour given in your recipe with flaxseed flour. However, make sure to adjust the amount of liquid (water or milk) to obtain the desired texture.

As flaxseed flour does not contain sugar, it is ideal for low carb diet and at the same time supplies the body with valuable fibre. Furthermore, the phytochemicals in the flaxseed promote healthy digestion. Only one teaspoon flaxseed flour per day in the muesli stimulates the digestion and reduces the appetite.

People affected by gluten-intolerance often have to forego cake, biscuits and pastries. If combined with other gluten-free flours (from maize, sorghum, buckwheat, millet, rice, amaranth, quinoa etc.) flaxseed flour can create new flavours in baked goods. But it is also recommendable for gourmets without gluten-intolerance: Flaxseed flour is especially rich in fibre (around 40 %) and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.


Flaxseed flour is suitable for baking bread and fine pastries or as topping for muesli.


Curd buns

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from Katrin Lorenz at 08.11.2020
Am Produkt selbst ist nichts auszusetzen. Allerdings würde ich mir wünschen, da ich es eben im Porridge verwende und nicht zum Backen,zusätzlich auch eine kleinere Menge, die ich bestellen könnte. Da es doch dann geöffnet eine sehr begrenzte Haltbarkeit hat. Und ich Im Porridge nicht soviel benötigte
from Helga Brems at 19.09.2017
Ist etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, da sehr herb, fast schon bitter. Habe es gemischt oder untergerührt. Wer den Geschmack mag, für den ist es zu empfehlen. Der Pizzateig war etwas brüchig, habe ich mit Mandelmehl gemischt.
from Claudia Lechner at 13.02.2017
An dieses Mehl muss man sich erst gewöhnen, sowohl von der Handhabung als auch vom Geschmack. Aber --> zufriedenstellende Ergebnisse!
from Andres Nordhorn at 30.04.2020
Ich habe das Leinsamenmehl zum Backen verwendet (habe es dem Brotteig zugefügt). Das Brot wird sehr gehaltvollund ist sehr sättigend.
from Bärbel tobschirbel at 13.03.2019
Habe das mehl zum erstenmal bestellt. Ich habe bis jetzt immer einen kleinen Anteil Leinsamenmehl zum normalen Mehl dazugegeben.
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Specification and ingredients

Flaxseed flour

Average energy and nutrient content for 100 g

1324 kJ / 315 kcal
10,3 g
1,1 g
2,4 g
6,8 g
5,3 g
    of which Sugars
2,4 g
40,3 g
31,2 g
0,2 g

Please enjoy our products as part of a diverse and balanced nutrition.

As a product of nature the composition of the oil can vary, the given specifications are therefore average values.


Linseed flour, certified organic. May contain traces of gluten-containing cereals, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or sesame.

Storage advice

Keep cool and dark, use quickly after opening.


6 - 9 months

Fatty acids diagram

saturated fatty acids
1,1 g
monounsaturated fatty acids
2,4 g
diunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6)
1,5 g
triple unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3)
5,3 g

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