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Mustard flour

partly de-oiled

Mustard flour
EU Bio
  • from controlled organic cultivation
  • gently milled from de-oiled, yellow mustard seed
  • low content of erucic acid (< 1%)
  • ideal for homemade mustard
  • vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free
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500 g
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SenfkörnerFor our mustard flour, untreated, yellow mustard seeds are gently de-oiled and finely ground. The organic mustard flour still contains 8 to 10 g mustard seed oil per 100 g. It adds an extraordinary oriental taste to a variety of dishes. It goes well with poultry, meat and fish dishes, piquant soups, gravies, salad dressings, stews and sweet-sour fruits. It is ideally suited for homemade mustard.

Origin and varieties

Mustard is a traditional and popular condiment with a spicy, aromatic flavour. There are different varieties of mustard seeds: yellow (also called white), brown and black mustard seed. While the different varieties look quite similar, they vary in their properties and ingredients.

The most important factor for the production of vegetable oil and flour from mustard seed is a low content of erucic acid. Excessive intake of this monounsaturated fatty acid can cause pathological changes of the myocardium and cardiac lipids as well as growth retardations. Foods with a fat content of more than 5 %, edible oils and oil blends for consumers are subject to the regulation regarding the maximum content of erucic acid in foodstuffs from May 24, 1977 (BGBl I 1977, p. 782). According to this regulation, foodstuffs must not contain more than 5 % erucic acid based on the total content of fatty acids.

Senf PflanzeNew breeds with an erucic acid content below 1 % are accessible nowadays and perfectly suitable for the production of high-quality mustard flour. One of these breeds is the yellow variety Martigena. Of course, breeds are not to be confused with genetically engineered organisms. Our organic mustard flour is exclusively made from the seeds of the Martigena variety with a low content of erucic acid.  

Homemade mustard from mustard flour

Combined with water, vinegar, sugar and salt, mustard flour can be used for tasty homemade mustard. Briefly boil up 200 ml water and 100 ml white wine vinegar, add 20 g salt, 100 g sugar and 250 g mustard flour and thoroughly mix the ingredients. Pour the warm mix in a jar and allow to soak for one week. If stored in the fridge, the mustard is durable for around 4 weeks. This way, you can create different mustard variants according to your individual taste, for instance by adding our delicious spice oils. We recommend among others our horseradish, smoked paprika or wild garlic spice oil. Flavours like basil, Tandoori or Herbes de Provences also pair perfectly with homemade mustard.

By the way: Mustard flour is not always spicy. The spiciness only develops when it comes into contact with water. In order to preserve the valuable essential oils and the aroma of the mustard flour, we recommend to only heat it moderately.


Orange-honey mustard

Orange-honey mustard

Recipe for orange-honey mustard. Fruity combination with mustard for grilled meat or fish or as topping for cheese delicacies. zum Rezept
Hazelnut mustard crust

Hazelnut mustard crust

Hazelnut mustard crust is ideal to take meat, fish or vegetables dishes to another level. Mustard flour creates an extraordinary oriental taste. zum Rezept


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from Elke Wehrmaker at 28.07.2021
Habe es das erste Mal zum Brotbacken benutzt.Habe wohl ein bisschen zu viel genommen. War doch recht intensiv im Geschmack.Also beim nächsten Mal weniger.
from Ulrike Barduhn at 16.11.2020
Gibt ziemlich scharfen Senf, wir mögen das-
from Manuela Knupfer at 16.11.2019
sehr intensiver Geschmack - das ist nicht jedermanns Sache
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