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Coconut spice oils

TB In this unique spice oils the fine taste of native coconut oil and aromatic, organic herbs and spices combine to a great experience of taste. Useful to allot: Simply add it to the warm dish, let it melt and stir.

TB General tip: Suitable for painting, melting and stiring shortly before serving cold or warm dishes. One teaspoon is enough to turn portions into delicacies. A last-minute creation of spice is no problem with these aromatic coconut spice oils. All different varieties sum up to a kind of spice skid which is handy to combine in varying compositions.  Coconut glaze melts at + 25°C, below it is steady.

Coconut spice oils

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Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Harissa Coconut spice oil [Organic]
The characteristic spices of a Moroccan Harissa mixture combine with the fine, typical coconut flavour to give a perfect ...

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Seafood Coconut spice oil [Organic]
Fresh herby, lemony and spicy flavours and the delicate, typical coconut flavour complement each other for a harmonious ...

Tikka masala coconut spice oil [Organic]
For couscous, bulgur, millet, rice and lamb dishes.

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Chinese five spice coconut spice oil [Organic]
For wok dishes with meat, fish, tofu and vegetables. Use sparingly!

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Coriander coconut spice oil [Organic]
For soups, sauces, dressings and dips.

Curry coconut spice oil [Organic]
For vegetable, rice, pasta, meat and fish dishes.

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Ginger-lemon coconut spice oil [Organic]
In this coconut spice oil the intensive aroma of ginger and lemon myrtle combines with the delicate, typical coconut fla ...

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Kaffirlime coconut spice oil [Organic]
For fish, seafood and Thai dishes.

Nutmeg coconut spice oil [Organic]
For vegetables, egg dishes, soups and sauces.

Ras el hanout coconut spice oil [Organic]
In this coconut spice oil spices from “Arabian Nights” combine with the delicate, typical coconut flavour to give a roun ...

Sweet cuisine coconut spice oil [Organic]
For cakes and biscuits, whipped cream, sweet dishes and desserts.

Tandoori coconut spice oil [Organic]
For poultry, meat and tofu dishes.

TB Native coconut oil with herbs and spices. Ideal for hot dishes.

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