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Asian cuisine selection

Asian cuisine selection
EU Bio
  • four coconut spice oils at 30 ml each
  • based on organic virgin coconut oil
  • with exotic-spicy aroma
  • for Asian meat, fish and vegetable dishes
  • ideal gift for gourmets

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Tandoori spice oil Tandoori spice oil
With a fine spiciness and mild flavour of garlic it gives roast or grilled poultry, meat, fish or tofu dishes a typical Indian flair in no time at all.
Chinese five spices Chinese five spices coconut spice oil
In this coconut spice oil, cayenne pepper, ginger, curcurma etc combine with the fine, typical coconut flavour to a rounded composition for South Asian cuisine.

Chinese five spices, Tandoori, Curry and Ginger lemon: We put together a small yet fine collection of our most popular coconut spice oils for Chinese and Indian cuisine. Just one teaspoon adds a touch of magic to Asian meat, fish of vegetable dishes, for instance from the wok.

Chinese five spices: Our virgin coconut oil, refined with fiery spices, such as cayenne pepper, ginger and turmeric. The popular Chinese spice blend is rounded off with the fine coconut aroma - a delicious composition for South Asian cuisine.


Curry: A balanced curry spice blend in our virgin coconut oil. Did you know that the actual origin of the curry spice blend was not India but Great Britain? A "curry" is an elaborate dish from the Indian subcontinent which is seasoned with a number of typical spices. In colonial times, the British came to know and love the dish. To make the preparation more convenient, they developed the curry spice blend which exists in numerous different variants today.

Ginger lemon: Spicy ginger, fragrant lemon myrtle and a hint of coconut: Our ginger lemon coconut spice oil is an irresistible, classic spice combinaton for the Southeast Asian cuisine.


Zoodles with goat cream cheese

Zoodles with goat cream cheese

Recipe for zoodles with goat's cream cheese and our ginger lemon coconut spice oil. Refined with pistachios. Zucchini noodles are an ideal low-carb alternative to pasta. zum Rezept
Exotic bulgur with vegtables and almonds

Exotic bulgur with vegtables and almonds

Recipe for exotic bulgur with vegetables and almonds. Refined with Tandoori spice oil. Ideal as main course, side dish or starter. zum Rezept
Pangasius fillets with cherry tomatoes

Pangasius fillets with cherry tomatoes

Recipe for fried Pangasius fillets with cherry tomatoes. Served with a sauce from rosemary, chili, garlic and our ginger lemon coconut spice oil. zum Rezept

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from Laura Schumann at 15.09.2017
Sehr schöne Verpackung, tolle kleine Gläser. Sehr dekorativ auch zum Verschenken. Die Geschmacksrichtung Zitrone/Lemongras ist nicht so meins. Ist mir zu sauer. Ansonsten alles sehr gut vor allem das Curry :)
from Friederike Otto-Erley at 11.04.2017
gute Idee zum kochen, gerade Wokgerichte und Fleisch. Abwechslungsreich und lecker
from Cilly Osterlehner at 30.09.2017
Habe es meiner Freundin geschenkt. Sie kocht sehr viel asiatisch und indisch.
from Betty Harlapp at 16.01.2020
Gut, aber etwas zu scharf für meinen Geschmack
from Sandra Schreier at 11.07.2020
Gut zum Ausprobieren oder Verschenken
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Specification and ingredients

Asian cuisine selection


Chinese five spice coconut spice oil (Coconut oil*, cayenne pepper*, nutmeg*, ginger*, onion powder*, mace*, turmeric*, garlic*, blue fenugreek*, coriander *, spicy paprika*)
Tandoori coconut spice oil (Coconut oil*, ginger*, chili*, turmeric*, cumin*, coriander*, garlic*)
Curry coconut spice oil (Coconut oil*, turmeric*, coriander*, mustard*, garlic*, caraway*, fennel*, fenugreek*, cumin*, basil*, oregano*, rosemary*, thyme*, cayenne pepper*, lovage*, pepper*, sage*)
Ginger-lemon coconut spice oil (Coconut oil*, ginger*, lemon myrtle*)

*certified organic

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