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Why Our Flaxseed Oil Does Not Taste Bitter

Many people associate flaxseed oil (or linseed oil) with a bitter taste. The reason for that is quite simple: Flaxseed oil is very rich in fatty acids and more sensitive than other edible oils. So it often already tastes rancid when it reaches the consumer. Flaxseed oil contains more than 50 g alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) per 100 g. ALA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid, a triple unsaturated fatty acid with 18 carbon atoms to be exact. The high amount of these triple unsaturated fatty acids make it sensitive to oxidation, so that incorrect production and storage let it become rancid very quickly, which might lead to a bitter taste.

Fresh cold-pressing for high quality

Leinöl FrischegarantieIf flaxseed oil is palatable or not, is not only a question of taste, it also indicates its quality. Fresh, high-quality flaxseed oil has a mild taste and is not bitter. At Ölmühle Solling, we daily produce fresh flaxseed oil by cold-pressing. It is filtered and bottled within 24 hours and stored in a cool, dark place before shipping. But the protection goes beyond that: For our flaxseed oil, we use special opaque bottles that protect the product from UV radiation. Furthermore, we attach dispensers that enable easy and precise dosage and also reduce the product's contact with oxygen. That way, our valuable oil is protected from oxidation as far as possible.
We value traditional manufacturing and use our knowledge and experience to ensure the quality of our products. Still, flaxseed oil will never be a mass product that can be produced for stock.
Our cold-pressed flaxseed oil fresh from the mill should be consumed within 8-10 weeks after production. The right storage plays an important role in the durability of the valuable oil. Please always store flaxseed oil in the fridge and make sure to close the bottle tightly. In order to make the product more durable, you can freeze it at home. Other than water, oil does not expand when frozen so that you can keep the oil in its orginal package. This way you can keep the product for up to 6 months.

Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil for a balanced diet

Are flaxseeds as delicate as flaxseed oil? No, they are not because their solid shell protects the fatty acids on the inside from oxidation. However, the human organism can only partially process the beneficial substances from the raw seeds. Only grinding or cold-presssing makes the precious alpha-linolenic acids accesible for the body. What is it that makes flaxseed oil or ALA so healthy? Flaxseed oil supplies the body with omega-3 fatty acids. With its low content of linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, flaxseed oil can help to shift the proportion of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in favour of omega-3. This is recommended by nutrition sciences as today's common diet contains too many omega-6 fatty acids.
Discover our fresh cold-pressed flaxseed oil and enjoy its mild, nutty flavour with muesli, yogurt or smoothies, with salads, curd or on its own.

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