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About us - Ölmühle Solling

The Ölmühle Solling is a family-run manufactory in the heart of the Solling area. Since 1996, we produce a large variety of organic edible oils and food specialities in a traditional way. Since the beginning of our manufacturing history, we choose raw materials from certified organic cultivation. Just as long, we care about the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. The founding family, Werner, Gudrun, Sebastian and Sarah Baensch, maintains personal contact with regional suppliers and farmers and around the world. As a Naturland Fair Partner, the company supports organic farming right from the start and actively promotes fair trade.

Commitmend to organic food

The Ölmühle Solling consistently focuses on organic raw materials. The high effort in the production process would not pay off, if the raw materials and ingredients were polluted with artificial fertilizers, treated with pesticides or genetically engineered. We use high quality raw materials from organic farming without exception.

Fresh from the mill

In the Ölmühle Solling, the traditional craft of oil milling can be found. All oils are gently pressed with small spindle presses. The bottling, labeling and shipping contain a lot of manual work. Not only the ingredients are as fresh as possible. Also the oil should arrive quickly at the customer in its best condition. After all, the cold-pressed organic oils from the Ölmühle Solling are not ‘industrial goods’ that can be stored for years. Therefore, only small batches are produced, bottled and shipped – simply fresh from the mill. The oils are characterized by their varietal, balanced fragrance and taste. The valuable ingredients such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins or secondary phytochemicals are optimally preserved – therefore, our oils make an important contribution to a complete nutrition.

Quality management

The mechanical pressing temperatures remain low and all oils are pressed without the input of extra heat. Then, the oils are gently filtered. We never use chemical or aggressive processes such as deacidification, bleaching or deodorizing. Production and development are managed by graduate food technologists. Extensive quality assurance permeates the entire production process from the incoming goods inspection to the retain sample. In addition, the Ölmühle Solling repeatedly confirms its quality by external test laboratories and inspection bodies.

Regional and global

Whether it is hemp seed from Germany or coconuts from Sri Lanka: The Ölmühle Solling attaches great importance to a long-term, mutually respectful relationship with its suppliers. The company maintains intensive personal contacts to numerous cultivation appreciation and longevity are also important in the team of the Ölmühle Solling: around sixty people of very different backgrounds work here together.


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