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Care Oils

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Apricot kernel
4,80 von 5 Sternen
bei 64 Bewertungen

Our organic apricot kernel oil is a regenerating skin care for face and body with a mild and natural fragrance of apricot kernel. It is moisturising and absorbs well into the skin.

9,90 € 19,80 € / 100 ml
Argan skin care oil
4,86 von 5 Sternen
bei 138 Bewertungen

Our organic argan oil contains valuable vitamin E and phytochemicals. Moisturising care for face, body and hair.

10,90 € 21,80 € / 100 ml
Baby skin care oil
5,00 von 5 Sternen
bei 30 Bewertungen

Our baby skin care oil from organic almond and apricot kernel oil is free of fragrances and additives. It has a good skin tolerance, skin-protecting and calming properties.

8,90 € 17,80 € / 100 ml
Jojoba sea buckthorn skin care oil
4,81 von 5 Sternen
bei 95 Bewertungen

The combination of jojoba oil and sea buckthorn oil maintains the natural elasticity of the skin and provides extra moisture. With a slightly tinting effect.

10,90 € 21,80 € / 100 g
Jojoba skin care oil
4,88 von 5 Sternen
bei 80 Bewertungen

Our organic jojoba oil has a moisture-regulating effect. With its waxy texture, it forms a protective lipid film on the skin. It nourishes and regenerates dry and mature skin.

from 9,90 € 19,80 € / 100 g
Almond skin care oil
4,92 von 5 Sternen
bei 61 Bewertungen

Our organic almond oil is a moisturising skin care oil with skin-protecting effects. It absorbs well into the skin and has a good skin tolerance.

9,90 € 19,80 € / 100 ml
Evening primrose skin care oil
4,76 von 5 Sternen
bei 70 Bewertungen

Our organic evening primrose oil contains a rare combination of essential linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. It protects, regenerates and moisturises even flaky or irritated skin.

11,90 € 23,80 € / 100 ml
Rosehip skin care oil
4,81 von 5 Sternen
bei 101 Bewertungen

The organic rosehip oil is an oil with skin-protecting effects. It absorbs deep into the skin and is also suitable for treating pigmentation spots and scars.

17,90 € 35,80 € / 100 ml
Argan hair care oil
4,71 von 5 Sternen
bei 52 Bewertungen

Our organic hair care oil with argan and broccoli seed oil is a rich care for healthy and shiny hair. A composition of essential oils creates a sensual scent.

12,90 € 25,80 € / 100 ml
Lavender skin care oil
4,78 von 5 Sternen
bei 23 Bewertungen

Relaxing skin care oil made from organic almond and olive oil. Moisturising and nourishing care with the soothing scent of lavender flowers.

9,90 € 19,80 € / 100 ml
Lime skin care oil
4,96 von 5 Sternen
bei 24 Bewertungen

Skin care oil from organic almond and apricot kernel oil. Moisturising with a fresh scent of lime. Suitable as shower or bath oil.

10,90 € 21,80 € / 100 ml
Bergamot massage oil
4,81 von 5 Sternen
bei 21 Bewertungen

Our massage oil bergamot is a blend of cold-pressed organic almond, macadamia, jojoba and argan oil. A unique mix of essential oils creates a pleasant scent.

11,90 € 23,80 € / 100 ml

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