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Organic flour - Low in carbohydrate nut flour is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre.  The residual vegetable oil is approximately 10 % - 15 % and identical to the natural fatty acids sprectrum of the particular nut or oil seed. Just replace 10 % - 20 % of white flour with glutenfree nut four, which develops its typical flavour of roasted nuts during baking.

Nut flour is often sold out - Why?

Pressing nut and oil seed results in approximately 40 % oil and 50 % press cake. The availability of the different types of flour is influenced by demand for the different types of oil. We always press fresh oils as soon as our stocks of these are depleted. Ocassionally, the flour is sold out quicker than the oil. We apologise for this inconvenience and thank for yout understanding.

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Hemp seeds unpeeled
4,81 von 5 Sternen
bei 273 Bewertungen

Natural, unpeeled hemp seeds in raw food quality from controlled organic cultivation in Europe. Hemp seeds are especially rich in fibre.

6,90 € 13,80 € / 1 kg
Almond flour partly de-oiled
4,86 von 5 Sternen
bei 1529 Bewertungen

For our popular gluten-free almond flour, unroasted organic almonds are gently de-oiled and ground. Ideal for pastries and biscuits.

14,90 € 29,80 € / 1 kg
Coconut flour partly de-oiled
4,87 von 5 Sternen
bei 1061 Bewertungen

For the fine coconut flour, fresh coconut flesh is gently dried, de-oiled and ground. The flour contains valuable vegetable protein and fibre.

3,95 € 7,90 € / 1 kg
Turmeric powder finely ground
4,91 von 5 Sternen
bei 520 Bewertungen

Our turmeric powder in raw food quality is gently produced from controlled organic turmeric roots. The yellow roots refine exotic dishes or Golden Milk.

9,90 € 19,80 € / 1 kg
4,96 von 5 Sternen
bei 98 Bewertungen

The special thing about our brown organic flax seeds is their high content of alpha-linolenic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid. In addition, the seeds contain 38 g of fiber per 100 g. Suitable as an ingredient in muesli and salad, for bread and rolls.

4,90 € 9,80 € / 1 kg
Chia flour partly de-oiled
4,86 von 5 Sternen
bei 197 Bewertungen

For our fine chia flour, we use ground and partly de-oiled chia seeds. It still contains 7 g chia oil per 100 g as well as vegetable protein and fibre. Vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

4,95 € 9,90 € / 1 kg
Chia seeds Salvia hispanica
4,89 von 5 Sternen
bei 411 Bewertungen

Organic chia seeds with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins (about 22 g per 100 g). Ideal for muesli, yogurts, smoothies and baking.

6,90 € 13,80 € / 1 kg
Black cumin seeds Nigella sativa
4,91 von 5 Sternen
bei 211 Bewertungen

Egyptian black cumin seeds from organic cultivation with an aromatic, spicy taste. Ideal for pita bread and baking.

7,90 € 15,80 € / 1 kg
Hemp protein
4,78 von 5 Sternen
bei 113 Bewertungen
available again soon

Our organic hemp protein contains 50 g protein per 100 g. It is a plant-based protein source for athletes, vegans and vegetarians with an ideal amino acid profile.

Rosehip powder finely ground
4,87 von 5 Sternen
bei 2249 Bewertungen

Rosehip powder from certified organic rose hips. Ideal for preparing tea, smoothies and juices. Vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

9,90 € 19,80 € / 1 kg
Mustard flour partly de-oiled
4,90 von 5 Sternen
bei 40 Bewertungen

Our valuable mustard flour adds a piquant and oriental flavour to a variety of dishes. It still contains 8 to 10 g mustard oil per 100 g.

4,90 € 9,80 € / 1 kg
Coconut rasps
4,90 von 5 Sternen
bei 490 Bewertungen

Aromatic coconut rasps made from fresh organic coconuts, finely grated and gently dried. For refining muesli, desserts and baked goods.

4,95 € 16,50 € / 1 kg
Flaxseed flour partly de-oiled
4,90 von 5 Sternen
bei 1065 Bewertungen

Flaxseed flour is gently produced from brown organic flaxseed. Wholesome, well digestible and ideal for muesli, bread and pastries.

3,50 € 7,00 € / 1 kg
Grape seed flour partly deoiled
4,81 von 5 Sternen
bei 215 Bewertungen

6,95 € 13,90 € / 1 kg
Hazelnut flour partly de-oiled
4,82 von 5 Sternen
bei 228 Bewertungen
available again soon

Hazelnut flour is made from aromatic hazelnuts. It contains 17 g hazelnut oil per 100 g as well as vegetable protein and fibre. Vegan, gluten- and lactose-free.

Hemp seed flour partly de-oiled
4,82 von 5 Sternen
bei 153 Bewertungen
available again soon

Hemp seed flour is produced from fresh edible hemp seeds which are carefully de-oiled and finely ground. It contains around 10 g hemp seed oil per 100 g, protein and fibre. Vegan, gluten- and lactose-free.

Pumpkin seed flour partly de-oiled
4,90 von 5 Sternen
bei 415 Bewertungen

For our pumpkin seed flour, pumpkin seeds are partly de-oiled and gently ground. It still contains 8 g pumpkin seed oil per 100 g and 62 g vegetable protein per 100 g.

4,95 € 9,90 € / 1 kg
Sesame seed flour partly de-oiled
4,80 von 5 Sternen
bei 205 Bewertungen

For our fine sesame flour, unroasted sesame seed is gently de-oiled and ground. It still contains about 10 to 12 g sesame seed oil as well as valuable vegetable protein. Vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

3,95 € 7,90 € / 1 kg
Walnut flour partly de-oiled
4,74 von 5 Sternen
bei 501 Bewertungen

For this fine walnut flour, unroasted organic walnuts are gently de-oiled and ground. Ideal for pastries and biscuits. Vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

4,90 € 9,80 € / 1 kg

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