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ORGANIC Rosehip powder

finely ground

Rosehip powder
EU Bio
  • raw food quality
  • from 100 % certified organic cultivation
  • vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free
  • high content of fibre and vitamin C
  • sour-fruity taste
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500 g
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For our rosehip powder in raw food quality, we use hand-picked, ripe rose hips from certified organic cultivation in their shell. The fruits are dryed at temperatures below 40 °C and gently ground afterwards. Mechanical grounding without any additional heat preserves the valuable ingredients of rosehip particularly well. The same applies for its beneficial effects.

Rosehip (Rosa Canina/Rosa Rubiginosa) is a wild rose bush which has been cultivated in South America for almost two centuries and is appreciated for its high content of vitamin C. The bushes can mainly be found in valleys of the Andes which offer ideal climatic conditions for the plant. The bushes can grow up to a height of 1 to 3 metres.

Compared to powders from deoiled kernels, powders from the whole kernel, pulp and rosehip shells have an exceptionally high content of vitamins of 400 mg per 100 g. Our rosehip powder is a purely plant-based, vegan, gluten- and lactose-free product without the addition of preservatives, colourings or other additives.

Uses of organic rosehip powder

Organic rosehip powder has a mild, slightly sour taste and is ideal for preparing teas, smoothies, protein shakes, yogurt, muesli or juices. You can also use the powder for soups or as baking ingredient.

As the powder reacts to humidity and warmth, it should be kept in a cool, dark and dry place.

Vitamin C – valuable and heat-resistant

Vitamin C can withstand temperatures of up to 190 °C without losing its valuable nutrients and characteristics. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) released the following approved health claims regarding vitamin C:

  • contributes to maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise
  • contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, teeth and skin
  • contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system
  • contributes to normal psychological function
  • contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • contributes to the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E
  • increases iron absorption

source: https://ec.europa.eu/food/safety/labelling_nutrition/claims/register/public/?event=search (28.02.2020)

The health claims refer to a specific minimum amount of vitamin C. For the abovementioned positive effects to occur, a consumption of at least 12 mg per day is required. However, the EU recommends a daily intake of vitamin C of 80 g. This is the average amount that is needed to cover the daily requirement of vitamin C. The intake of vitamin C should not go below the daily minimum of 12 mg.

Enjoy rosehip powder from Ölmühle Solling as part of a diverse, balanced diet. We recommend to consume around 1 teaspoon per day.


Rosehip powder can be added to yogurt, smoothies or muesli. It is also perfect for infusing tea or as baking ingredient.


Smoothies with flaxseed oil

Smoothies with flaxseed oil

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Smoothie with rosehip powder

Smoothie with rosehip powder

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from Claus Meyer at 28.10.2023
Wir essen schon einige Zeit Hagebutterpulver jeden Morgen im Müsli. Das Pulver ist gut verträglich und unterstützt unsere Vitamin C Zufuhr und so auch gut als Infekt -Vorbeugung.Zudem schmerzlindernd bei Arthrose. Angenehmer Geschmack . Werden wir weiter regelmäßig bestellen.
from Susanne Telkamp at 24.10.2023
feinsaurer, leckerer Geschmack Habe es jetzt auch meinen Eltern gegeben, weil Hagebutten die Schmerzen bei Arthrose lindern sollen. Bei uns kommt es morgens wegen dem Vitamin C in den Smoothie
from Sigrid Heckt at 04.10.2023
Das Hagebuttenpulver passt ins Müsli oder sonstigen Süßspeisen. Es schmeckt etwas säuerlich und läst sich super proportionieren, da es gut getrocknet ist.
from Sabine Busse at 29.10.2023
Haben schon viele Hagebuttenpulver probiert. Das war das beste. Schön gemahlen. Lässt sich gut unterrühren. Geschmacklich neutral.
from Irmgard Klintworth at 29.10.2023
Wir nehmen täglich Hagebuttenpulver im Joghurt um einer Arthrose vorzubeugen.
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