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Cold process coconut soaps

Just as pressing oil, producing soap belongs to the traditional handcrafts. Above all, a good soap needs a good oil as its basis which is why we offer high-quality cold process soaps  made from organic cocnut oil for mild cleansing.

We use "virgin coconut oil" as our basis. Through the gentle production process, the glycerin, a natural ingredient of plant oils and fats, is completely retained. Glycerin regulates the moisture balance of the skin and protects it from drying out. In additon, coconut soaps are moisturizing because they contain an excess of oil that keeps the skin smooth.

Our soaps stand out due to their plentiful, creamy foam and their very economic use. Of course, they are free from synthetic perfumes, colors and preservatives. 99 % of the ingredients come from controlled organic farming. From now on, all soaps are NATRUE-certified natural cosmetics.




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Liebe Kundinnen und Kunden,
aufgrund unsers Umzuges in die neue Betriebsstätte kam es zu Verzögerungen in der Seifenproduktion.
In unserer neuen Seifenküche wird nun bereits fleißig gerührt und wir werden voraussichtlich ab Mitte November wieder das vollständige Sortiment an Seifen anbieten können.

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Produkttrenner (Kreis)
bath soap flakes grated coconut soap with blossom [kbA]
Coconut oil bath flakes with flowers. This light, moisturising vegetable soap is made from pure, cold pressed coconut oi ...

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Coconut oil soap almond cold processed [kbA]
The moisturizing soap made of organic Virgin Coconut Oil nourishes the skin and convinces with its sensual fragrance of ...

Coconut oil soap lavender cold processed [kbA]
The mild and smooth foam of this moisturizing coconut soap nourishes the skin, gives softness and a lovely scent of lave ...

Coconut oil soap lemon balm cold processed [kbA]
With the invigorating lemony fragrance of fresh lemon balm.

Coconut oil soap pure cold processed [kbA]
This mild coconut soap is suitable for sensitive skin since it does not contain any perfumed ingredients.

Coconut oil soap rose cold processed [kbA]
The moisturizing soap made of organic Virgin Coconut Oil nourishes the skin and gives it a rosy scent. Excellent for rel ...

coconut oil soap sandalwood cold processed [kbA]
The tempting scent of natural essential oils awakens memories of the adventures of the Arabian nights. A foaming bath ex ...


Our cold process coconut soaps have always been produced manually, with 99 & organic ingredients which are herbal only. Now high natual cosmetics quality of our soaps has been confirmed by the renowned, independent NATRUE seal. It stands for true natural cosmetic, strict guidelines and independent control.

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