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Pet food

Unsere Solling Tiernahrung bietet wertvolle Er­gän­zungs­futtermittel für Hunde, Katzen und Pferde. Premium Bio Tiernahrung aus der Familienmanufaktur.
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from 19,90 € 7,96 € / 100 ml
5,00 von 5 Sternen
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from 12,90 € 5,16 € / 100 ml
Black cumin press cake
4,68 von 5 Sternen
bei 28 Bewertungen

Our organic black cumin press cake for horses contains essential oils and is beneficial for the intestinal flora, immune system and airways. It is cold-pressed from Egyptian black cumin seeds and rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vegetable protein.

15,90 € 3,18 € / 1 kg
Evening primrose press cake
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bei 9 Bewertungen

Organic evening primrose press cake for horses is obtained by gentle cold pressing. It can have positive effects on skin elasticity, the immune system and coat change.

18,90 € 3,78 € / 1 kg
Flaxseed press cake Naturland
4,40 von 5 Sternen
bei 35 Bewertungen

Our flaxseed press cake contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids and can have beneficial effects on horses' metabolism and coat change. It is gently cold-pressed and free from additives.

15,90 € 2,89 € / 1 kg
Milk thistle press cake
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bei 69 Bewertungen
available again soon

The organic milk thistle press cake contains bitter substances and supports the liver and bile as well as the growth of the hooves. It is free of additives and contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids and vegetable protein.

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