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Organic oil specialities to indulge oneself with and give away!
Here you will find a noble choice of favoured, high quality vegetable oils and vinegar for the delicate cuisine and good taste! Freshly milled products from own manufacture for beaus of natural food and gourmets. Whether as a culinaric highlight or inducement to an "oil change in cuisine" - these "small surprises" give pleasure and enjoyment! We create an ambitious present assortment at your indivdual option.


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Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Asian cuisine [Organic]
With the coconut spice oils Chinese Five Spice, Curry, Ginger-Lemon and Tandoori, we have put together a small but fine ...

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Fruity Vinegars [Organic]
You can get to know the wide range of our vinegars made of fruits, blossoms and berries from local gardens with this vin ...

Herb and spice oils [Organic]
This selection of herb and spice oils in decorative mini bottles gives a variety of culinary possibilities. Contains: Ba ...

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Oil & vinegar [Organic]
This set consisting of two oils and one vinegar creates endless culinary dressing possibilities. The fruity elderflower ...

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Seed and nut oils [Organic]
This selection of seed and nut oils in decorative mini bottles offers a variety of culinary possibilities. Contains: Arg ...

Chinese cuisine [Organic]
Peanut oil, Sesame Seed oil roasted and Ginger-Lemongrass spice oil are three of the basics when preparing authentic Chi ...

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Empty box 3 x 100 ml bottle
Our high quality oils are an ideal present for connoisseurs of good food. For example, in this set of three which you ca ...

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
French cuisine [Organic]
Box of three different oils from the French cuisine: Mediterranean oil, herbes de Provence oil, herb-garlic spice oil.

Gourmet oils [Organic]
Almond-Vanilla, Coffee-Almond, Plum kernel oil are three oils when you want to cook as a gourmet. This oils are cold pre ...

Produkttrenner (Kreis)
Mediterranean cuisine [Organic]
These three spice oils Basil, Herbes de Provence and Mediterranean enhance your Mediterranean dishes with a fine, spicy, ...

Oriental cuisine [Organic]
Three authentic spice compositions in valuable cold pressed rape seed oil: Fans of spicy hot Indian and Asian cuisine ca ...

Set echt! [Organic]
We recommend our spice oils made from regional traditional herbs when cooking local cuisine: Basil, Wild Garlic and Gree ...

Set nut oils [Organic]
Nut oils are particularly elegant, aromatic and delicious. In this set you can discover intensive, typical hazelnut oil ...

Christmas time
St. Nicolas and Father Christmas cannot go without these three. Almond, Safflower and Wild spice oils easily bring arom ...

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