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Organic oil specialities to indulge oneself with and give away!
Here you will find a noble choice of favoured, high quality vegetable oils and vinegar for the delicate cuisine and good taste! Freshly milled products from own manufacture for beaus of natural food and gourmets. Whether as a culinaric highlight or inducement to an "oil change in cuisine" - these "small surprises" give pleasure and enjoyment! We create an ambitious present assortment at your indivdual option.

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Herb and spice oils
4,84 von 5 Sternen
bei 152 Bewertungen

This spicy selection contains basil seasoning oil, coffee almond seasoning oil, ginger lemongrass seasoning oil, Mediterranean seasoning oil and our fruity salad oil.

11,90 € 11,90 € / 100 ml
Seed and nut oils
4,88 von 5 Sternen
bei 164 Bewertungen

The selection of nut oils opens up a variety of culinary possibilities. With argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, plum kernel oil, mustard oil and walnut oil.

13,80 € 13,80 € / 100 ml
Vinegar selection
5,00 von 5 Sternen
bei 5 Bewertungen

This set is a selection of fine vinegars in mini bottles. Contains: Crema del Borgo, elderflower balsamic vinegar, apple-and-orange balsamic vinegar, condimento bianco and raspberry vinegar.

12,90 € 12,90 € / 100 ml
Asian cuisine
4,85 von 5 Sternen
bei 124 Bewertungen

Chinese 5 Spices, Tandoori, Curry and Ginger Lemon: A fine, small selection of the most popular coconut spice oils for the Asian cuisine.

9,90 € 8,25 € / 100 ml
Fruity Vinegars
4,98 von 5 Sternen
bei 49 Bewertungen

Learn about the variety of our vinegar from fruits and berries of native gardens with this vinegar set. A combination of sweet and sour vinegars.

12,95 € 12,95 € / 100 ml
Oil & vinegar
4,87 von 5 Sternen
bei 52 Bewertungen

This set opens up a variety of culinary dressing options. With elderflower balsamic vinegar, roasted hazelnut oil and olive lemon spice oil.

15,90 € 15,90 € / 100 ml
Salad oils
4,82 von 5 Sternen
bei 17 Bewertungen

This set of three salad oils in the 100 ml bottle allows a variety of dressing options.

13,50 € 45,00 € / 1 l
Chinese cuisine
4,68 von 5 Sternen
bei 41 Bewertungen

Peanut oil, Sesame Seed oil roasted and Ginger-Lemongrass spice oil are three of the basics when preparing authentic Chinese and South Asian dishes.

12,95 € 43,17 € / 1 l
Empty box 3 x 100 ml bottle
4,78 von 5 Sternen
bei 94 Bewertungen
0,00 €  
French cuisine
4,89 von 5 Sternen
bei 56 Bewertungen

This set is a selection of the three spice oils of the most popular creations of French cuisine Mediterranean, Herbes de Provence and Herb-Garlic.

13,50 € 45,00 € / 1 l
Gourmet oils
5,00 von 5 Sternen
bei 6 Bewertungen

Noble trio of coffee-almond spice oil, plum kernel oil and almond-vanilla spice oil in a beautfil gift box. Ideal gift for gourmets.

27,30 € 91,00 € / 1 l
Mediterranean cuisine
4,87 von 5 Sternen
bei 124 Bewertungen

Set of three spice oils. Ideal for salads and soups, fish, meat and vegetable dishes. Gift idea for gourmets.

13,50 €  
Oriental cuisine
4,88 von 5 Sternen
bei 34 Bewertungen

This set contains 100 ml of Tandoori, Garam Masala and Chili spice oil. Ideal gift for gourmets. For seasoning cold and warm dishes.

13,95 € 46,50 € / 1 l
Set echt!
4,77 von 5 Sternen
bei 56 Bewertungen

This set contains wild garlic, basil and greens oil in the 100 ml bottle. For seasoning of cold and hot dishes.

13,95 €  
Set nut oils
4,74 von 5 Sternen
bei 19 Bewertungen

This set contains 100 ml of walnut, roasted hazelnut and argan oil. The fine nut oils give salads as well as cold and warm dishes a delicious note.

22,30 € 74,33 € / 1 l
Christmas time
4,71 von 5 Sternen
bei 7 Bewertungen

Almond, poppy seed and venison spice oils bring aroma and flavour to this very special time of year. For all types of winter dishes.

16,95 €  

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