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ORGANIC Fruity vinegars selection

Fruity vinegars selection
EU Bio
  • from certified organic production
  • fruity trio with three fine vinegars
  • Tart and fruity combination
  • for unusual salad dressings
  • made from fruits, flowers and berries from local gardens
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13,90 €*
3 x 100 ml
46,33 € / 1 l
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We have combined our three popular fruit vinegars in this set: blackcurrant vinegar, elderflower balsamic vinegar and apple-quince balsamic vinegar.

Get to know the diversity of our vinegars made from fruits, flowers and berries from local gardens with this vinegar set. Here, a vinegar with a full aroma and mild acidity from apples and quinces meets the fruity aroma of the summery elderflower balsamic vinegar and the unmistakable cassis taste of blackcurrant vinegar.

Blackcurrant vinegar

This strong, dark red vinegar is made from 100% blackcurrant juice and brings the full-bodied, natural blackcurrant aroma of this popular fruit to both hot and cold dishes. It is matured in small oak barrels and has an acidity of around 5%. This makes blackcurrant vinegar an ideal ingredient for salads, sauces and game dishes, but also particularly delicious with beet and refreshing with mineral water.

Elderflower balsamic vinegar

Our organic elderflower balsamic vine gar is a mild vinegar with the fine, fruity aroma and taste of the elderflower, which is so popular in this country. The balsamic vinegar is produced through the natural fermentation of elderflower syrup. It is refined with organic Riesling vinegar and a hint of lemon. Elderflower vinegar is suitable for everyday use in the kitchen and is ideal for preparing colorful leaf salads, refining dips and light sauces.

Apple-quince balsamic vinegar

The sweet, mild vinegar is made from local organic quince and apple varieties using natural vinegar fermentation. The vinegar is neither filtered nor pasteurized. With its refreshing citrus note, the apple-quince balsamic vinegar refines dressings and adds a fruity note to mineral water. The vinegar comes from 100% certified organic production.

Traditional production thanks to the vinegar mother

If you discover a cloudy, jelly-like mass in an opened bottle of vinegar after a while, this does not mean that it is spoiled. On the contrary, it is a good sign of a traditionally produced and unpasteurized vinegar: A so-called "vinegar mother" is forming. This is what experts call the important acetic acid bacteria that convert alcohol into acetic acid with the help of oxygen. When a vinegar is opened, these natural little helpers can become active again under certain circumstances.

Vinegar in fine cuisine

With our fine vinegars and mill-fresh oils, a vinaigrette can be prepared in endless variations. The basic recipe is very simple: 1 part vinegar, 3 parts oil and salt and pepper to taste. Our vinegars are also ideal for seasoning soups and sauces and wherever a touch of acidity adds an extra accent. Tip: A splash of apple, sour cherry or blackcurrant vinegar in mineral water is particularly refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Information on the nutritional values of the vinegars contained in the set can be found on the page of the respective product: blackcurrant vinegar, elderflower balsamic vinegar and apple-quince balsamic vinegar.


Beetroot rocket salad with feta cheese

Beetroot rocket salad with feta cheese

Quick and easy recipe for rocket salad with beetroot, walnut kernels and feta cheese. Refined with a delcious dressing from roasted argan oil and apple quince balsamic vinegar. zum Rezept


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from Andrea Jöhnk at 05.11.2020
Da hat man mal alle rei zusammen! Tolles Geschenk und kommt immer gut an! Die Geschmacksrichtungen schlagen voll durch und schmecken so natürlich, wie sie eben sind, dabei kräftig mit einer angenehmen, nicht zu scharfen Säure! Einfach klasse!
from Sybille Endres at 14.02.2022
Yummy! - Ich freue mich auf den Frühling und den Sommer, da ich da viel mehr Salate esse. Super Geschmack - super Qualität - super Dressings die damit gezaubert werden können!
from Barbara Richter at 26.06.2023
Bislang habe ich den Apfel/Quitte Essig gekostet. Den bestelle ich schon mal in einer größeren Abfüllung nach! Einfach Spitze!
from Ingrid Kotte-Rothe at 10.02.2021
Gibt den unterschiedlichsten Speisen eine pikante Note, ideal ist die 100 ml-Flasche für kleine Haushalte
from Vera Brodbeck at 15.12.2023
Dieses Set wird Weihnachten an meine Schwester in Verbindung mit dem Ölset Regionale Klassiker verschenkt
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