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Porridge with vegetables and potatoes
Vegetable porridge for babies
Fruit porridge for babies
Cookies with cherry kernel oil
Fennel salad with cherry kernel oil
Raw food salad with red cabbage
Smoked paprika spread
Smoothies with flaxseed oil
Smoothie with rosehip powder
Curd buns
Cauliflower salad
Vegan butter
Turmeric ginger shot
Rocket salad with figs
Hummus with beechnut oil
Pea pesto
Creamy pasta with mushroom sauce
Hummus with turmeric
Chickpea curry with turmeric
Pumpkin ragout with lentils
Oat drink with turmeric
Mediterranean salad
Yellow curry with chicken
Mango smoothie with nana mint
Green bowl
Piquant peanut sauce
Guacamole with pomegranate seeds
Massaman curry with beef
Turmeric cookies
Coconut waffles
Coconut macaroons
Pancakes with coconut flour
Coconut cake with raspberries
Golden Milk
Rocket salad with halloumi cheese
Algae salad with sesame and chili
Smoothie with omega 3 DHA+EPA oil
Pickled zucchinis
Porridge with chia seeds
Protein bread with hemp protein
Orange-honey mustard
Chia bread
Lentil salad
Coconut cake
Coconut biscuits
Syrian cucumber salad
Hazelnut mustard crust
Curd with red radishes
Pumpkin bake with minced meat
Asparagus salad
Pita bread
German apple pie
Creamy carrot soup
Spread with feta cheese
Pumpkin seed pesto with wild garlic
Porridge with rosehip powder
Potato salad with cucumber
Original Styrian salad dressing
Tomato mozzarella salad
Peanut butter bars
Coconut chocolate bars
Pea salad with baby spinach
Protein bread with almond flour
Protein bread with flaxseed flour
Protein bread with pumpkin seeds
Avocado bruschetta
Breakfast bowl
Homeamde granola with nuts
Banana bread with nuts
Green pesto
Strawberry almond vinaigrette
Salad with watermelon and tomatoes
Piquant quinoa salad with avocado
Lamb's lettuce with strawberries and walnuts
Blueberry muffins
Bircher muesli
Marinated figs
Zoodles with goat cream cheese
Raspberry sorbet
Chocolate tart
Crepe rolls with salmon
Raspberry mustard sauce
Peach chutney
Raspberry ketchup
Zucchini rolls
Feta cheese paste
Flaxseed lemon yogurt dressing
Grapefruit raspberry dressing
Exotic bulgur with vegtables and almonds
Hemp seed dressing with yogurt
Homemade mayonnaise
Chia jam
Hot chocolate
Tabouleh salad
Chia pudding with cherry kernel oil
Coffee chocolate cookies
Vanilla biscuits
Chocolate balls with coconut oil
German cinnamon biscuits
Christmas biscuits
German vanilla crescent biscuits
Winter dessert
Carrot cake
Salad with pumpkin slices
Tomato carpaccio
Chia smoothie with flaxseed oil
Chocolate soufflé
Mango chia dessert
Coq au vin
Sweet potato soup with coconut oil
Sweet potato toast
Tikka Masala Chicken
Bruschetta with figs
Pangasius fillets with cherry tomatoes
Avocado cream cheese with sprouts
Aubergine bell pepper spread
Pan roasted vegetables
Fried potatoes with curry
Leaf spinach with tofu
Broccoli zucchini soup
Barbecue sauce
Tandoori chicken
Celery salad with grapes
Bagel with horseradish and smoked salmon
Homemade focaccia with red onions
Walnut dressing
Mustard vinaigrette
Pineapple shrimps stir fry
Haunch of venison
German marzipan potatoes
Almond vanilla waffles
Curd with flaxseed oil
Pumpkin soup with apples
Herring with horseradish sauce
Grilled steak
Stuffed tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella
Pan roasted asparagus with tagliatelle
Beetroot rocket salad with feta cheese
Strawberry asparagus dessert
Baked apples
Apple vinaigrette
Chili con Carne
Bulgur paella with seafood
Pizza sheet cake
Basic dressing recipe
Minty lamb meat balls
Eistee mit Mango und Minze
Stuffed avocados
Cream soup with green asparagus
Salmon with creamy spinach sauce
Tandoori omelet with spinach
Almond cake with plum kernel oil