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Oil Manufactory

Unsere Oelmanufaktur

The small oil manufactory in the heart of the Weserbergland not only stands for a great oil diversity, fresh from the mill, and culinary enjoyment, but also for values such as organic agriculture, sustainability, fairness and social engagement. The Ölmühle Solling was founded in 1996 when Gudrun and Werner Baensch returned to Germany after several years of development service in Asia and South America. Their ecological conviction, the professional knowledge, patience and perseverance led them into their self-employment. The first oils were sold personally on farmer’s markets. It took seven years to reach the breakthrough.

To this day, many processes in the manufactory are still done by hand. The oils are produced in small spindle presses, and there is a lot of manual work involved when looking at the filtration, filling, labeling and shipping of the products. At the Ölmühle Solling, we exclusively produce cold pressed, native and organic oils. In practice, this means that the oils are obtained only by mechanical pressure, without any external heat supply. Subsequently, they are gently filtered. We never perform chemical or aggressive processes such as deacidification, bleaching or deodorizing. Thereby, the natural and typical taste and the valuable ingredients remain.

“Mühlenfrisch” - Fresh from the mill - is our self-imposed quality requirement. Not only the raw materials are processed as fresh as possible, but also the finished oil is to arrive at the customers as quickly and freshly as possible. Since cold pressed native oils are not “industrial goods”, which can be stored for years, our oils are always produced in small batches, promptly filled and shipped – simply fresh from the mill, or as we say it: Mühlenfrisch! With conviction and tradition, we use only organic raw materials at the Ölmühle Solling. This is not only because we believe that organic goods ensure the better taste and quality, but also because we want to ensure that a healthy and productive agriculture can be run in Germany and the whole world. Environmental protection has been important to the founders of the Ölmühle Solling since day one. And whether it is about producing locally grown linseed or coconuts from Sri Lanka: the Ölmühle Solling puts emphasis on a long-term relationship with suppliers that is characterized by mutual respect. It supports numerous construction projects around the world.

Slowfood Unterstützer BannerThe traditional production at the Ölmühle Solling is supplemented by modern food technology standards in the area of quality assurance. The production and development are managed by qualified food technologists who observe and supervise the entire production process. The Ölmühle Solling is a partner of the agricultural associations BIOLAND and NATURLAND and a member of Slow Food Deutschland e.V.

We supply end customers and retailers (natural food stores, delicatessen shops, organic shops, gastronomies, farmer’s markets and delivery services).