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Coconut oils

TB Native coconut oil for enjoyment and vitality

The Ölmühle Solling offers a selected assortment over coconut specialities in organic quality. You are going to find the so called ›Virgin Coconut Oil‹ on our website only. It is made of ripe, organic coconuts through a mechanical process without any addition of heat. Bottled local and not bleached or refined for sure. Therefore it is not only of a fine, typical taste, but has some nutrition physiologic values. Native, organic coconut oil is used versatilely in kitchen and even suitable for broiling, baking and frying.

TB Why we comprehend much about coconuts

Gudrun and Werner Baensch, founder and possessor of the Ölmühle Solling, operated as development workers in south africa, caribbean and sri lanka for a long time. Tradtionally, coconuts have a big impact on agriculture and diet in these countries. Since 2006 they support a cooperation with 1300 farmers in sri lanka. Coconuts from their ecological farmed plantation are processed into native coconut oil of Naturland quality. For the farmers and their families living conditions had changed sustainably.

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Coconut Oil Virgin
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Coconut Oil virgin.natur- land fair from the whole kernel
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Coconutflower sugar
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Coconut pure
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Fried onion
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Pumpkin seed
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