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ORGANIC Chinese five spices

coconut spice oil

Chinese five spices
EU Bio
EU- / non EU agriculture
  • with organic virgin coconut oil
  • traditional Chinese spice mix
  • with ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper
  • very spicy
  • for wok dishes with meat, fish and vegetables
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100 g
65,00 € / 1 kg
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Our virgin coconut oil, refined with fiery spices, such as cayenne pepper, ginger and turmeric, is a delicious composition for South Asian cuisine. With its typical Chinese spices, it gives spring rolls and wonton stuffings an exotic touch. Also suitable for wok dishes with meat, fish, tofu or vegetables as well as for rice and noodle pans.

Based on valuable coconut oil

Our coconut spice oils are produced on the basis of our organic virgin coconut oil. It is made from fully ripe, organically grown coconuts which are mechanically pressed and gently bottled. Naturally, the oil is not bleached, deordorised or refined which leads to a fine coconut flavour and preserves the valuable ingredients.

Coconuts are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil contains medium chained triglycerides (MCT) such as lauric acid, which makes up almost half of the fatty acids in the oil. Combined with diverse cooking, organic coconut oil can contribute to a healthy diet.

As coconut oil does not contain essential, polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is important to complement it with different sorts of oil. Especially our vital oils like our mill-fresh flaxseed oil or our omega DHA oils supply the body with valuable essential omega-3 fatty acids like alpha-linolenic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. We offer a large variety of organic edible oils for a healthy, wholesome diet.


Perfect for wok dishes with meat, fish, tofu and vegetables, for rice and noodle pans, for spicy spring rolls and wonton stuffings. Fiery-spicy - please dose carefully and do not use for short frying. Keep out of the reach of children.

Simply add the desired amount of our coconut spice oil to your meal and stir. If you would like to use the oil for cold dishes, melt the oil first.



Exotic bulgur with vegtables and almonds

Exotic bulgur with vegtables and almonds

Recipe for exotic bulgur with vegetables and almonds. Refined with Tandoori spice oil. Ideal as main course, side dish or starter. zum Rezept
Leaf spinach with tofu

Leaf spinach with tofu

Vegetarian Asian tofu pan with fresh leaf spinach. Refined with our Chinese Five Spices coconut spice oil. Easy and quick low carb recipe with spicy aroma. zum Rezept


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from Heike Bode-Pelens at 16.06.2022
Man kann es im Nachhinein ans Essen geben, es ergibt einen wunderbaren asiatischen Geschmack mit Cocosnote. Allerdings ergibt sich dann noch etwas Fett extra, das sollte man vorher schon bedenken. Da ich es im Kühlschrank aufbewahre, ist es ziemlich fest beim Entnehmen. Ich tendiere eher zum Würzöl.
from Gerd Gilbert at 17.12.2020
Also ich muss sagen das 5 Gewürze Kokos ist für mich einfach ein MUSS für Asiatische Gerichte. Ich will auch nicht übertreiben, aber das hat meinen Geschmack voll getroffen. Einfach nur gut, mehr braucht man dazu nicht sagen.
from Petra Schneider at 10.04.2020
Leckeres Würzmittel für die Asiaküche. Speziell zum schnellen Würzen, oder wenn man noch nicht so gut mit asiatischen Produkten ausgestattet ist. Dauerhaft möchte ich aber bei meiner individuellen Würzmethode bleiben.
from Angelika Preyer-Glöckler at 03.04.2021
Etwas schärfere Gewürznote, einfach etwas sparsamer verwenden, mehrmals probieren. Für alle asiatischen Gerichte, sei es vegetarisch-vegan oder z.B. mit Hühnerbrust, absolut empfehlenswert.
from Matthias Appel at 10.05.2021
Mittlerweile Standard beim Braten. Wird immer wieder mitbestellt. Pikant, aber von der Schärfe alles noch im Rahmen. Genau den gewissen Extra-Kick möchte man ja auch haben. Tolles Würzöl.
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Specification and ingredients

Chinese five spices

Average energy and nutrient content for 100 g

3700 kJ / 900 kcal
100 g
92 g
6,5 g
1,5 g
0 g
    of which Sugars
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

Please enjoy our products as part of a diverse and balanced nutrition.

As a product of nature the composition of the oil can vary, the given specifications are therefore average values.


Coconut oil*, cayenne pepper*, nutmeg*, ginger*, onion powder*, mace*, turmeric*, garlic*, blue fenugreek*, coriander*, paprika*

*certified organic


9 - 12 months


Store in a cool and dark place.

Fatty acids diagram

saturated fatty acids
92 g
monounsaturated fatty acids
6,5 g
diunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6)
1,5 g
triple unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3)
0 g

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