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ORGANIC Ras el hanout

coconut spice oil

Ras el hanout
EU Bio
EU / non EU agriculture
  • with virgin organic coconut oil
  • classic spice blend of North African cuisine
  • adds an oriental touch to cold and hot dishes
  • for couscous and lamb, vegetable dishes and sauces
  • vegan, gluten- and lactose-free
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100 g
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Ras el Hanout spices

The Ras el Hanout spice blend is considered a spicy treasure of the Orient. Our Ras el Hanout coconut spice oil combines spices from 1001 Nights with the fine, typical coconut note to create a firework of oriental aromas.

The spice composition Ras el Hanout, which means "head of the store", comes from traditional North African cuisine and has its origins in the Maghreb. It is said to bear its name because the mixture was a secret recipe that the boss of the spice store made personally and kept to himself.

A variety of intense yet harmonious spices are hidden in the precious Ras el Hanout blend. Depending on how it is made, up to 25 spices are combined. Many of these spices are difficult to find in our country. The usual ingredients include cinnamon sticks, aniseed, allspice, bay leaves, turmeric, nutmeg, chili peppers, white pepper, caraway, cloves, lavender flowers and cardamom pods. It is noticeable that Ras el Hanout traditionally combines sweet, hot, strong spicy and bitter flavors.

Based on organic coconut oil

In combination with virgin coconut oil from Ölmühle Solling, this spice blend unfolds its full aromas. The coconut seasoning oil also scores with its nutritional values: although coconut oil contains many saturated fatty acids, the majority of these consist of medium-chain fatty acids, the so-called MCTs (middle chain triglycerides), such as lauric acid, which makes up around half of the fatty acids in coconut oil. Lauric acid is an important component of breast milk. In combination with a varied, fresh diet, coconut oil makes an important contribution to a balanced diet. However, as coconut oil does not naturally contain any essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is important to use a variety of oils in the kitchen. That is why we offer you a wide selection of high-quality, freshly milled organic cooking oils.

The production of coconut oil is complex and requires care and expertise. Ölmühle Solling's coconut oil differs significantly in both taste and composition from industrially produced, hardened coconut fats used in the food industry. In our manufactory, we produce a valuable, virgin coconut oil. "Virgin" is an oil that has been pressed as gently as possible and has not undergone any further treatment. This preserves its exotic, nutty aroma and taste of fresh coconut, which combines perfectly with the North African spice blend Ras el Hanout.

As coconut oil consists mainly of saturated fatty acids, it has a long shelf life and is very heat-stable. The formation of trans fatty acids is prevented during frying, baking and deep-frying. However, in order to fully preserve the precious aromas of the spice blend, we recommend not heating our coconut seasoning oils at high temperatures for too long, but only using them for steaming and short frying. Ideally, they should be added after frying. The coconut seasoning oil can also be added in the desired quantity to the finished hot dish shortly before serving and stirred. If a coconut seasoning oil is to be used to season cold dishes, simply melt the desired amount and stir in quickly.

Tips for useRas el hanout Gewürzmischung

Ras el Hanout coconut seasoning oil goes well with couscous, meat dishes, rice pans, dishes with chickpeas and all dishes that need to be spiced up with an oriental touch. Stews, millet dishes and dips also benefit from the variety of flavors. By the way: A tajine filled with vegetables and seasoned with Ras el Hanout coconut oil from Ölmühle Solling provides a particularly oriental cooking experience. Sweet and fruity and strong and spicy at the same time - we hope you enjoy cooking and trying it out.


Ras el-hanout goes perfectly with couscous, meat dishes, rice pans, chickpea dishes and all dishes that need to be enchanted with an oriental touch.


Hummus with beechnut oil

Hummus with beechnut oil

Quick and easy recipe for homemade hummus with beechnut oil and Ras el Hanout coconut spice oil. Ideal with bread or as dip for vegetables. zum Rezept
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from Andreas Sparla at 23.11.2020
Einen viertel - (besser noch weniger) Teelöffel "Ras el Hanout"-Kokoswurzöl erhitzen; eine Tasse Basmati-Reis darin kurz "frittieren", dann die doppelte Menge Wasser hinzugeben. Bei schwacher Hitze (ca 12 -15 Minuten) köcheln lassen. Wenn das Wasser weg ist, (nach Geschmack eine kleine Prise Salz und) ok! Äusserst... mehr >>
aromatisch und (viel) mehr (Kalorien/Nährstoffe) als ein Großteil der Weltbevölkerung je Tag zu erwarten hat!
from Martina Schäfer at 16.07.2020
Auch dieses Würzöl war ein Probierversuch und hat voll eingeschlagen! Was für ein wunderbares Aroma und herrlich abgestimmt! Mit diesem Öl wird jeder Bissen zum Erlebnis! Wir freuen uns sehr über diesen Volltreffer und bestellen es definitiv immer wieder! Vielen Dank!
from Ingrid Wittkau at 09.02.2023
Gestern habe ich dieses Öl für Reis benutzt und den Reis erst am Schluss damit gewürzt. Es wäre schön, wenn es dafür eine Würzanleitung gäbe, denn nachdem ich 2 EL in 125 g Reis getan hatte, war von Ras el Hanout wenig zu schmecken.
from Sabine Winzer at 19.05.2021
Geschmacklich sehr gut, für warme Gerichte super geeignet. Meine Bratkartoffeln waren damit ein Genuß. Ein Punkt Abzug, weil die Verwendung in Salaten durch die Konsistenz (je nach Außentemperatur fest oder flüssig) eher schwierig ist.
from Beatrix Dietzsch at 27.05.2020
Dieses Kokoswürzöl ist in unserem Haushalt "der Renner". Wir verwenden es vor allem auf Bulgur mit Meeresfrüchten (Rezept Ölmühle) und auf jeden gebratenen Fisch. Einfach super lecker! Sehr empfehlenswert!
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Specification and ingredients

Ras el hanout

Average energy and nutrient content for 100 g

3700 kJ / 900 kcal
100 g
92 g
6,5 g
1,5 g
0 g
    of which Sugars
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

Please enjoy our products as part of a diverse and balanced nutrition.

As a product of nature the composition of the oil can vary, the given specifications are therefore average values.


Coconut oil*, turmeric*, ginger*, cinnamon*, paprika*, cumin*, fennel*, star anise*, allspice*, galangal*, lavender*, nutmeg*, cardamom*, cloves*, pepper*

*certified organic


9 - 12 months


Store in a cool and dark place.

Fatty acids diagram

saturated fatty acids
92 g
monounsaturated fatty acids
6,5 g
diunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6)
1,5 g
triple unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3)
0 g

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