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Raw food salad with red cabbage Rezept zurück zur Rezeptübersicht

Raw food salad with red cabbage Zutaten für 4 Personen

Zubereitungszeit: 15 Minuten

Schwierigkeit: einfach


1 small head of red cabbage
4 ELwalnut oil
2 ganic lemons
2 ELagave syrup
salt and pepper
1 apple
100 gwalnut kernels

Wash the red cabbage and remove the stalk. Chop finely using a knife or a food processor. \r\nFor the dressing, mix walnut oil, juice of two organic lemons, agave syrup, salt and pepper. Dress the salad and keep it in the fridge for a few hours.\r\nToss with roughly chopped walnut kernels and apple dice.

You can also add feta cheese to the salad. Simply crumble the cheese right before serving and mix with the salad.

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