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Porridge with rosehip powder Rezept zurück zur Rezeptübersicht

Porridge with rosehip powder Zutaten für 2 Personen

Zubereitungszeit: 15 Minuten

Schwierigkeit: einfach


60 goats
250 mlmilk or oat milk
2 ELrosehip powder
1 banana
1 apple
2 ELchia seeds
2 TLcoconut flower sugar
2 TLhemp seed oil

Place milk or oat milk in a pot with one teaspoon coconut flower sugar. Bring to the boil, add oats and simmer over low heat, while stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat and stir in rosehip powder.

Peel banana and apple and cut into dice. Heat a teaspoon coconut flower sugar in a pan and caramelise the fruit for a few minutes.

Pour the cooked oats in bowls and garnish with the fruit. Sprikle over with chia seeds and one teaspoon hemp seed oil per portion.

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