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Porridge with chia seeds Rezept zurück zur Rezeptübersicht

Porridge with chia seeds Zutaten für 4 Personen

Zubereitungszeit: 40 Minuten

Schwierigkeit: einfach


350 mlmilk
4 ELoats
2 ELchia seeds
2 TLcoconut flower sugar
400 glow-fat curd
2 TLvanilla almond spice oil
80 gblueberries
60 graspberries
mint leaves

Place oats, chia seeds, coconut flower sugar and milk in a bowl and let soak in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (or overnight). Stir in low-fat curd and vanilla almond spice oil. Serve in four glasses. Wash the blueberries and raspberries, allow to drip and scatter over the curd layer. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.

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