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Rocket salad with figs Rezept zurück zur Rezeptübersicht

Rocket salad with figs Zutaten für 4 Personen

Zubereitungszeit: 15 Minuten

Schwierigkeit: einfach


250 grocket salad
250 ggoat cream cheese
8 fresh figs
100 gwalnut kernels
4 ELbeechnut oil
3 ELCrema del B or go
1 TLhoney
salt and pepper

Wash the rocket salad and allow to drip in a sieve. Crumble goat cream cheese and mix in a bowl with the rocket. Wash figs and cut into quarters. Roast walnut kernels in a pan without oil and add to the salad. Place one tablespoon of beechnut oil in the pan and slightly heat the figs for 1 to 2 minutes, add to salad. Prepare a dressing from beechnut oil, Crema del Borgo, honey, salt and pepper and pour over the salad right before serving.

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