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ORGANIC Vinegar favourites

with Crema del Borgo, elderflower balsamic vinegar and apple orange balsamic vinegar

Vinegar favourites
EU Bio
  • with three fine vinegar variants
  • from controlled organic cultivation
  • for salads, dips and sauces
  • perfect gift for gourmets
4,62 of 5 stars
from 13 ratings
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32,90 €*
3 x 250 ml
43,87 € / 1 l
*incl. 7 % tax plus shipping

This set contains our Crema del Borgo, elderflower balsamic vinegar and apple orange balsamic vinegar in 250 ml bottles. Ideal gift for gourmets.

Crema del Borgo

Our Crema del Borgo is a sweet balsamic vinegar with a creamy texture. It is made from freshly pressed grape juice of Pinot noir grapes in the tradition of an authentic Aceto Tradizionale. The fresh must of Pinot noir grapes is fermented in two steps - first, to red wine and then to vinegar. Carefully reduced grape must from the same grape variety is added to the new vinegar, which leads to its particularly mild flavour. Afterwards, it is stored in small oak barrels for two months before the balanced balsamic vinegar can be bottled. The sweet aroma of this vinegar speciality refines salads as well as cold and warm dishes.

Elderflower balsamic vinegar

Our organic elderflower balsamic vinegar is a mild vinegar with the fine, fruity aroma of elderflower. The balsamic vinegar is manufactured through the natural fermentation of elderflower syrup. Organic Riesling vinegar and a hint of lemon refine its taste. Elderflower balsamic vinegar is ideal for everyday cooking and goes well with mixed salads, dips and light sauces.

Apple orange balsamic acid

This fine balsamic vinegar is made from unfiltered apple juice and orange zest from 100 % organic cultivation. Our apple orange balsamic vinegar ages in small oak barrels and has a refreshing citrus aroma. An ideal vinegar for fresh and fruity salad dressings.


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from Simone Moser at 09.06.2023
Hier hatte ich leider das falsche Paket ausgewählt, ich wollte Dattel-, Himbeer- und Mango-Balsamessig, nun werde ich die gelieferten ausprobieren, noch kann ich keine Bewertung abgeben.
from Heike Tschöpe at 26.01.2022
Ich habe bisher den Holunderblüten-Balsamessig und Den Apfle-Orangen-Balsamessig probiert. ich möchte nie wieder etwas anderes im Salat.
from Christina Schenk at 09.04.2021
War ein Geschenk, ist erstmal gut angekommen.Der Inhalt kann noch nicht bewertet werden.
from Christine Lutz at 28.02.2021
Diese Kombi wird ebenso als Geschenk weitergegeben! Bin gespannt wie es ankommt!
from Angelika Steffen at 27.12.2021
eine tolle Zusammensetzung und sehr schön als Geschenk für seine Lieben
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