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Gift basket Fresh and Fruity

Selected specialities to refine

Gift basket Fresh and Fruity
  • for fruity-fresh dishes
  • contains vinegar creams and seasoning oils
  • packed in a noble gift box
  • ideal gift for gourmets
  • with matching recipe ideas
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Gift set Fresh and Fruity

You will find spring-fresh gift ideas in this set: raspberry vinegar cream, wild garlic spice oil, olive-lemon spice oil, nut-fruit fine blend, mango mustard from Müncher Kindl and the set "Oil and Vinegar Renner" with the fine oils roasted pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil and mustard oil as well as the fruity vinegar creams mango and date.

Raspberry vinegar cream

Raspberry Vinegar Cream

Our raspberry vinegar cream convinces with sweet-sour raspberry notes and, combined with walnut oil, is not only suitable for summer salads, but also as a topping for desserts such as vanilla ice cream and panna cotta. Likewise, waffles, crepes and fruit salads can be enhanced with the vinegar cream. One bottle contains the juice of about 375 g of freshly picked raspberries.

Wild garlic seasoning oil

Wild garlic spice oil

The native spring messenger wild garlic meets our mill-fresh cold-pressed organic rapeseed oil in this spice oil. Our wild garlic spice oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vegan, lactose- and gluten-free. Both the wild garlic and the rapeseed oil for the Bear's Garlic Spice Oil come from organic farms in the Weserbergland region.

Olive lemon seasoning oil

Olive-Lemon Seasoning Oil

Our Olive-Lemon Seasoning Oil combines mild extra virgin olive oil with a subtle fruity citrus and orange note. Our high quality olive oil from Italy forms the basis of this seasoning oil. It is refined with natural extracts from the peels of harvest-ripe lemons and oranges from controlled organic cultivation. The fruity oil sets fresh accents.

Nut fruit noble mixture

Nut-fruit noble mix

A selected colorful mix of different types of nuts and fruits is the ideal snack for in between meals. The noble mix contains raisins, cashews, almonds, mulberries, mango pieces, sour cherries and goji berries. All ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation.

Mango mustard mustard from the manufactory Münchner Kind

Mango mustard from Münchner Kindl

The fruity-sweet mustard of the manufactory Münchner Kind'l Senf is made with aromatic organic mango puree and Italian balsamic vinegar. It is vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and contains ingredients from controlled organic cultivation.

Set "Oil and Vinegar Renner

Set "Oil and Vinegar Renner

The set "Oil and Vinegar Renner" of the organic manufactory contains the fine oils roasted pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil and mustard oil as well as the fruity vinegar creams mango and date. The specialties are filled in bottles of 20 ml - perfect for tasting or giving as a gift.

Nutritional information

Information on the nutritional values of the specialties included in the set can be found on the page of the respective product: Raspberry Vinegar Cream, Wild Garlic Seasoning Oil, Olive-Lemon Seasoning Oil, Nut-Fruit Fine Blend, Mango Mustard by Müncher Kindl and the "Oil and Vinegar Renner" set.


The specialties included in the gift set are ideal for refining salad dressings, sauces, and desserts such as waffles, crêpes, or ice cream. Some products set fresh accents, others are an optimal snack for in between or refine muesli and yogurt.



from Klementine Albrecht at 22.01.2024
Sehr gute Auswahl, sehr schön verpackt. Über den Inhalt kann allerdings nur die Beschenkte etwas sagen.
from Astrid Marth at 13.07.2023
Einfach schön!

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