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Gift basket Fire and Flame

Selected ingredients for grilling

Gift basket Fire and Flame
  • consists of six selected ingredients
  • contains seasoning oils, ketchup, mustard and pepper
  • packed in a noble gift box
  • with matching recipe ideas
  • ideal gift for barbecue fans
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The Fire and Flame Gift Set

The three organic spice oils chili, barbecue and smoky paprika are ideal for a barbecue. The set also includes Riedel's Curry Ketchup, Einbecker Bockbier mustard and Parisian pepper from Becking's Gewürzmühle and barbecue tongs from Ölmühle Solling.

Chili seasoning oil

Chili Spice Oil

In our chili spice oil, fiery chili peppers meet mill-fresh cold-pressed canola oil from controlled organic cultivation. The valuable oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and preserves the intense spiciness in its best form. With about 4689 Scoville, the chili seasoning oil has a degree of heat comparable to jalapeños.

Barbecue seasoning oil

Barbecue seasoning oil

Our Barbecue Seasoning Oil is a hearty, spicy combination of mill-fresh cold-pressed organic peanut oil with pepper, rosemary, cumin, bay leaf and juniper, complemented by a hint of garlic. As the name suggests, the powerful spice combination is ideal for anything that is to be grilled or fried.

Smoked paprika seasoning oil

Smoked paprika seasoning oil

Smoked paprika adds a touch of campfire to dishes of all kinds. The delicious combination of sun-ripened, smoked paprika and mill-fresh rapeseed oil convinces all those who love it hearty. The spice blend contains smoked paprika, aromatic mustard seeds, turmeric, garlic, coriander, lovage, fenugreek, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, bay leaves and cardamom.

Einbecker bock beer mustard

Einbecker Bock Beer Mustard

The aromatic malt spice of the classic Einbeck Bockbier recipe gives this mustard a unique harmony: slightly sweet malt meets mild mustard spiciness. The Dähnhardt family makes their products in Einbeck as in the old days as a manufactory mustard of the best quality with pure organic ingredients.

Riedels Curry Ketchup

Riedel's Curry Ketchup

The ketchup from the family business Riedel from Bevern is ideal for all curry fans. The flavors of the ketchup manufacture range from harmoniously round, to mild to super hot. In this gift basket you will find the Curry Ketchup Classic, the all-rounder with fruity-sweet and at the same time spicy flavor.

Parisian pepper from Becking

Parisian pepper from Becking's Gewürzmühle

The coarse Parisian pepper from Becking's Gewürzmühle convinces with its strong aromatic and pungent taste. It is hand-packed in the Hamburg roasting manufactory. It is suitable for all grilled and roasted dishes, sauces, cheese and much more.

Nutritional information

Information on the nutritional values of the specialties included in the set can be found on the page of the respective product: chili spice oil, barbecue spice oil and smoked paprika spice oil, Riedels Curry Ketchup, Einbecker Bockbier mustard and Parisian pepper from Becking's Gewürzmühle.


The ingredients of this gift basket are ideal for grilling. They are optimal to make mariands, to refine the grilled food or to season dips and sauces.



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from Friedrich Pardun at 15.06.2023
Der Präsidentkorb ist ein von uns ausgewähltes Geburtstag Geschenk. Wir hoffen das Geburtstagkind freut sich.
from Sabine Owtscharenko at 03.01.2024
Schöne Geschenkverpackung. Werde ich bei Gelegenheit nochmal verschenken.
from Claudia Bauer at 18.05.2023
Tolle Produkte, würde ich wieder bestellen
from Angelika Filip at 12.06.2023
Schöner und praktischer Verschenkeartikel
from Jana Sonnabend at 14.03.2024
Tolle Geschenkidee für Grillbegeisterte
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