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BIO Black cumin press cake

Black cumin press cake
EU Bio
  • with valuable essential oils
  • free of additives
  • with unsaturated fatty acids and protein
  • obtained by gentle cold pressing
  • beneficial for the natural gastrointestinal flora
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The seeds of Egyptiptian black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) have been used as a spice and in naturopathy for centuries. They mainly consist of the essential, polyunsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid and essential oils. Depending on the harvest and the cultivation conditions, the seeds contain 0.5 g to 2.5 g essential oils per 100 g as well as bitter substances and tannins like nigellin and thymoquinon. The latter lead to the intense, slightly bitter taste and made black cumin so popular in traditional naturopathy.

Black cumin press cake as healthy horse fodder

Press cake is a by-product of the production process of black cumin to black cumin oil and is a high-quality feed supplement for horses. In veterinary medicine, it is used for its beneficial effects on horses with asthma and other respiratory diseases. It is also used as remedy for allergic reactions, where it is said to act as antiparasitic and should strenghten the immune system.

Our organic black cumin press cake is obtained through cold-presssing of partly de-oiled black cumin seeds. Cold-pressing at temperatures below 40 °C preserves the valuable ingredients most efficiently. The press cake is free from additives and contains valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids and bitter substances.

Black cumin press cake still contains around 35 g raw protein per 100 g. Furthermore, it consists of around 12 g precious black cumin seed oil per 100 g. The valuable essential oils and the bitter substances can have beneficial effects on the immune system, airways and the metabolism of horses with feed-related deficiencies. Black cumin has various effects on the respiratory tract and is said to be antibacterial and antiviral. It can also act as expectorant and bronchodilator. At regular consumption of black cumin press cake, it can have a positive impact on the allergies of the horse, strengthen the immune system and support a normal coat change.

Protection from insects

Black cumin press cake contains many essential oils which repel flies, horseflies and ticks. This way, feeding your horse with black cumin press cake can act as indirect insect repellent and contribute to the well-being of your horse.

Also suitable for dogs

Our black cumin press cake can also be used as feed supplement or treat for dogs with the result of a shinier fur. Not every dog eats the pellets as treat. Therefore, we recommend to mix them with dry or wet food.

Caution: Black cumin oil and press cake are toxic for cats because, unlike horses and dogs, they cannot break down bitter substances entirely.

Natural products for humans and animals

At Ölmühle Solling, we only use raw materials from organic farming and process them to high-quality natural products. We do not use artificial additives.

Feed recommendation

We recommend a daily feed of 50-100 g per pony or horse. The pellets can be given directly or as feed supplement and are also suitable as horse treat. Due to the high content of essential oils and bitter substances, we recommend to mix the pellets with other fodder.

Keep tightly closed and in a cool, dry place.


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