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ORGANIC Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon
EU Bio
  • Organic Ceylon cinnamon powder from certified organic cultivation
  • finely ground from whole cinnamon sticks
  • plant-based product without additives
  • significantly lower coumarin values compared to cassia cinnamon
  • ideal for golden milk, muesli, rice pudding or pastries
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Ceylon cinnamon

Our floral-scented organic Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) comes from certified organic cultivation of real cinnamon trees. The aromatic bark is gently ground after drying so that the valuable essential oils retain their full aroma.

It is lovingly packed by hand in resealable bags. Our cinnamon powder is vegan, free from synthetic additives or preservatives and 100% natural. The aroma of Ceylon cinnamon is best preserved if it is stored away from light, air and heat.

The sweet, aromatic powder is ideal for refining desserts such as rice pudding, ice creams, apple pie or apple sauce. Our organic Ceylon cinnamon is also perfect as a baking ingredient for cakes, waffles or pastries.

The cinnamon tree and its aromatic bark

The Ceylon cinnamon tree is also known as the true cinnamon tree and belongs to the laurel family. The plant is considered evergreen and can reach heights of up to 10 meters. The bark is black-brown in color and has an unmistakable scent due to the cinnamon oil it contains. According to research, cinnamon was already used as a spice 2,000 years before Christ and developed into one of the best known and most valuable spices in the world.

Ceylon cinnamon can be harvested twice a year, whereby branches of the cinnamon tree around 5 cm thick are cut off and the bark removed. The inner bark of the cinnamon tree is dried for production. During the drying process, the bark leaves roll up and take on the typical shape of cinnamon sticks. The Ceylon cinnamon stick consists of up to ten layers of bark pushed into each other. It is reminiscent of a sliced cigar. The sticks are then ground into a fine powder.

Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon in comparison

Sebastian Baensch cinnamon quality controlSebastian Baensch during quality control in India.

Significantly more cassia cinnamon is produced and processed worldwide than Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon usually comes from China or Indonesia and is generally cheaper than Ceylon cinnamon. Its high cinnamaldehyde content gives it its typically strong, cinnamon-y aroma. However, it also stands out negatively due to its high coumarin content.

Compared to cassia cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon has hardly any coumarin and should therefore be preferred if cinnamon is consumed regularly. Ceylon cinnamon is known as the real cinnamon and is considered the best cinnamon variety in the world. It has a sweet, aromatic, warm aroma and due to its low coumarin content, Ceylon cinnamon tastes pleasantly spicy and flowery and is less bitter or astringent in taste.

Cinnamon in the kitchen

Ceylon cinnamon is an extremely versatile spice that not only enchants the senses with its wonderfully aromatic scent at Christmas time and turns pastries such as stollen, cookies and gingerbread into real delicacies. Desserts such as baked apples, plum jam, porridges and rice pudding can also be perfectly refined with Ceylon cinnamon. For those who prefer exotic flavors, a pinch of cinnamon adds that special something to oriental or Asian dishes. Meat dishes, couscous or rice pans, lamb and curry dishes are given a particularly unique touch.

Have you tried it yet? Cinnamon also releases its wonderfully spicy aroma in smoothies, coffee, tea, punch and mulled wine.



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