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Coconut Flour for Baking

Coconut Flour for Baking

Our coconut flour is perfect for baking cookies and other pastry. It can replace up to 25 % of wheat flour in a recipe and at the same time consists of 1/4 less fat than coconut rasps. In addition, it is a valuable source of vegetable proteins (20 g per 100 g). It is low-fat, lactose-free, gluten-free and yeast-free while containing all natural fibres of the white coconut flesh as well as a large amount of potassium. Due to its high swelling and high water absorption capacities, coconut oil is ideal for mixed drinks with coconut milk, spreads, sauces, dips, ice cream, desserts, pastry and dietary products.

In our recipe catalogue, you can find a number of tasty baking recipes using coconut flour. Here are a few inspirations:

  • Coconut cake: A fluffy classic that is enjoyable all year around.
  • Coconut cookies: Perfect for every coconut fan.
  • Pineapple sheet cake: Coconut flour, coconut oil and coconut rasps - coconut all along the line.
  • Savoury chia bread: A composition of chia seeds, flaxseeds and coconut flour.