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BIO Milk thistle press cake

Milk thistle press cake
EU Bio
  • with valuable bitter substances
  • free of additives
  • with unsaturated fatty acids and protein
  • obtained through gentle cold pressing
  • beneficial for liver and bile
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Milk thistle is a traditional bitter herb that was already cultivated in medieval monastery gardens. It is rich in wholesome substances like silymarin, the active constituent of the milk thistle, which is a natural a mixture of three flavonolignans.

Milk thistle press cake as healthy horse fodder

The press cake which is a by-product of the oil production from milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum L.) is a valuable and wholesome horse fodder. It is known for its detoxifying effects and therefore popular as fodder for horses with liver diseases. Our organic milk thistle press cake is obtained through cold-presssing of partly de-oiled milk thistle seeds. In this process, the temperatures remain below 40 °C which preserves the valuable ingredients particularly well. The press cake is free of additives and contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids.

Milk thistle press cake consists of around 19 % raw protein. Moreover, it still contains around 8 g milk thistle oil per 100 g which makes it an ideal feed supplement for picky eating horses. Its high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is beneficial for the fat metabolism. The bitter substances in the press cake can have a beneficial effect on feed-related deficiencies and support liver regeneration. Furthermore, regular consumption of the press cake can support the normal coat change and lead to shinier fur of the horse. In addition, milk thistle press cake stimulates the gile flow and regeneration after bacterial or viral infections as well as the growth of the hooves.

Also suitable for dogs

Our milk thistle press cake can also be used as feed supplement or treat for dogs with the result of a shinier fur. Not every dog eats the pellets as treat because they have a slightly bitter taste. Therefore, we recommend to mix them with dry or wet food.

Caution: Black cumin oil and cake are toxic for cats because, unlike horses and dogs, they cannot break down bitter substances entirely.

Natural products for humans and animals

At Ölmühle Solling, we only use raw materials from organic farming and process them to high-quality natural products. We do not use artificial additives.

Feed recommendation

We recommend a daily feed of 50-100 g per pony or horse. The pellets can be given directly or as feed supplement and are also suitable as horse treat.
Keep tightly closed and in a cool, dry place.


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from Nicole Grünert at 23.07.2021
Leider bin ich diesmal nicht zufrieden. Bisher waren die Pellets gut zu zerbröseln, scheinbar schmackhaft und leicht für die Pferde zu fressen. Die Pellets der aktuellen Lieferung sind steinhart und ich muss sie mit dem Hammer zerbröseln, sonst weichen sie nicht auf und ich trau mich nicht sie trocken zu füttern. Ich habe... mehr >>
bereits an den Service geschrieben aber keine Antwort bekommen, das finde ich doppelt schade.
from Melanie Schmitt at 28.10.2022
Es ist schade, dass die Mariendistel so zerbröselt sind. Mein Pferd mag sie daher nicht fressen.
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