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coconut oil soap

  • cold-stirred from organic coconut oil
  • without synthetic fragrances, colorants and preservatives
  • Gentle skin care and moisturizing cleansing
  • naturally pure and fragrance-free, ideal as kitchen soap
  • pleasantly soft foaming
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Handmade coconut soaps

Gentle cleansing with cold-stirred coconut oil soap

Our all-natural coconut soap is a purely vegetable soap made from virgin coconut oil and is cold-stirred using traditional methods. As no essential oils are used, it cares for the skin completely without fragrance and is particularly well tolerated. The soap is ideal for showering and hand washing.

We do not use any synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives in the production of our soaps. All Solling Naturkosmetik skin oils, balms and soaps bear the internationally recognized NATRUE organic cosmetics seal.

Skin-friendly and moisturizing

Due to its odorless properties, Naturrein coconut soap is also ideal as a kitchen soap. The soap retains all the natural lipids, including the valuable glycerine. The cold-stirred coconut soap therefore has special properties for gentle skin cleansing and care, as glycerine regulates the skin's moisture and prevents it from drying out.

The coconut soap also contains a skin-friendly plus of unsaponified coconut oil and therefore has a pleasant moisturizing effect on the skin from application to application. The soft, very smooth and full-bodied lather unfolds its fragrant cleansing power efficiently on the skin. It contains no synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives.

The pH value of the slightly alkaline coconut soap is 9 to 10. Virgin coconut oil itself and our coconut soap are known for their antibacterial effect. The coconut oil used for the soap consists of over 60 percent medium-chain fatty acids and contains 50 g lauric acid per 100 g.

Coconut oil - a valuable raw material

We use the valuable coconut oil to make our soap for good reason. The coconut palm proves to be a treasure with great potential, as almost all parts of the plant have various uses. It is also known affectionately as the Tree of Life, as it is of great economic importance as an essential crop in the tropics and is also a fundamental source of nutrients. The harvested coconut is considered a highly nutritious functional food. It is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds. In addition, coconut oil is ideal for the production of our cold-stirred soaps.

Our coconut soap is vegan and is not tested on animals. The coconut oil used comes from controlled organic cultivation.

NATRUE organic cosmetics seal

Soap bears the NATRUE organic cosmetics seal

The soap is a natural product. Like all skin oils, balms and soaps from Solling Naturkosmetik, it bears the internationally recognized NATRUE organic cosmetics seal for "genuine" natural cosmetics.


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from Melanie Schulze at 11.05.2020
Schön cremig. Ich finde nur dass sie sich schneller verbraucht als andere Seifen - und wir lagern sie nach dem benutzen immer trocken an einem Magnethalter (deswegen ein Stern weniger)
from Anne Kärcher at 04.11.2021
Schöne Seife, angenehme Konsistenz, wobei mir die andere Seife wegen der zarten Duftnoten noch besser gefallen hat.
from Annett Weller at 12.05.2024
Natürliche Seife, die wunderbar schäumt und reinigt. Ich hätte ein bisschen mehr Kokosduft erwartet.
from Werner Niebuhr at 29.11.2022
Eine angenehm verwendbare Seife, die meinen sehr trockenen Händen gut tut
from Dagmar Diekmann at 15.12.2022
NaturSeife auch zur Reinigung von Gesicht/abschminken geeignet.
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