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Lime coconut skin balm

Lime coconut skin balm
  • with nourishing almond oil
  • soft-melting texture
  • with coconut oil and beeswax
  • liquid from 24 °C
  • fresh lime scent
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from 132 ratings
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9,90 €*
50 ml
198,00 € / 1 l
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Rich skin care

Our organic skin care balm with coconut oil, almond oil and natural beeswax is a rich care for face and body. Natural essential oils and the fruity scent of lime and bergamot make a revitalising and refreshing composition. Its soft-melting texture makes the balm ideal for daily care and gives long-lasting moisture and elasticity. It also soothes very dry and brittle skin areas like elbows or knees.

Skin-protecting care with almond oil

Almond oil is a moisturising body oil with skin-protecting properties. It is known as one of the most precious skin care oils and has been used in skin care for centuries. It absorbs well into the skin and soothes dry and brittle skin. Moreover, it is appreciated for its good skin tolerance and retains moisture for a long period of time, even for dry skin.

Mix & Match

Individual and unique: Every skin is different and so are its needs. Therefore, all of our skin care products can be mixed to match your individual needs. Our lime skin balm can be combined with creams and lotions. Just add a small amount to your body lotion for more skin elasticity and extra moisture.

Skin scrubs for face and body

Skin scrubs can help the skin to regenerate and unclog the pores. Making your own scrub with our lime skin balm at home is very easy: Simply mix sea salt, coconut flower sugar, almond meal or coffee grounds (depending on the desired grain) with the balm, gently apply the mixture in circular movements and rinse with lukewarm water. This way, dead cells are removed and the skin is revitalised and pampered.

Revitalising scrub with coconut flower sugar

3 tsp. lime coconut skin balm
2 tsp. ground coffee
2 tsp. coconut flower sugar

Mix all ingredients and massage the mixture into clean skin, using circular movements. Let soak for a few minutes and rinse. Gently pat the skin dry with a soft towel afterwards to keep the balm on the skin for extra moisture.

Protective skin care with coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is the basis of our lime skin balm. The exotic oil does not only give the product a pleasant scent, it also acts as a natural protective coat for unsaturated fatty acids. For our skin balms, we enhance our precious oils with coconut oil and beeswax, which are known for their moisturising and regenerating effects. All of our skin balms with coconut oil contain natural antioxidants, neutralise free radicals and have an anti-aging effect.

Solling Naturkosmetik Complex - Natural cosmetics with essential oils

For our natural skin care brand Solling Naturkosmetik Complex, we use balanced compositions of essential oils. A spa for the skin and the senses alike: For this brand, we created a variety of sensual, moisturising oils with unique fragrances.


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from Tamara Kaiser at 13.12.2021
Das Limette Kokos Balsam lässt sich gut auf die Haut einreiben, zieht gut ein und hat einen lang anhaltenden, dezenten Duft. Wenn das Produkt mal bei Zimmertemperatur etwas flüssiger wird, dann einfach mal für kurze Zeit in den Kühlschrank stellen.
from Judith Zimmermann at 06.09.2020
Ich bin überrascht, wie gut die zunächst ölige Substanz in die Haut einzieht. Und dann der herrlich frische Duft.
from Petra Haupt at 17.03.2022
Bin total begeistert von dem Hautbalsam. Nur beste Inhaltsstoffe mit einer phantastischen Wirkung
from Martina Shephard at 02.02.2024
Eine Bekannte, die sehr jugendlich aussieht, sagte mir, sie würde einfach Kokosöl benutzen. Daraufhin habe ich den Kokos Hautbalsam (Aprikose + Limette) versucht und zu meiner Universalgesichtscreme gemacht. Der Tiegel und die Inhaltsstoffe entsprechen sehr meinem Sinn für Ästhetik, sodass ich auch gern damit hantiere. Ich... mehr >>
mag, wie das Kokosöl auf meiner Haut schmilzt und sie weich und glatt macht. Es tut ihr definitiv gut und ich brauche nichts anderes.
from Armin Appel at 27.11.2021
Gefällt mir sehr gut. Ich habe das Hautbalsam im Kühlschrank stehen und liebe dieses zart schmelzende kühle Gefühl, wenn man es auf der Haut verreibe! Bei einer Raumtemperatur über 20 Grad ist das Hautbalsam fast flüssig. Darum Kühlschrank! Verwende es ähnlich wie ein dezentes Parfüm. Macht Spaß dieses Produkt.
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