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coconut oil soap

  • cold-stirred from organic coconut oil
  • without synthetic fragrances, colorants and preservatives
  • gently nourishing and moisturizing cleansing
  • with a woody-sweet fragrance
  • with a pleasantly soft foam
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100 g
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The soap has an earthy, woody scent of sandalwood.

Valuable coconut oil soap for gentle cleansing

The organic sandalwood coconut soap made from virgin coconut oil is a purely vegetable soap and is cold-stirred using traditional methods. Natural essential oils give the coconut soap a woody, sweet sandalwood scent. It cares for the skin and gives it a pleasant fragrance. The soap is perfect for washing hands and showering.

Sandalwood describes different woods that are obtained from the trees of the "Santulum" genus. The real sandalwood tree (Santalum album) is native to India. The essential oil extracted from the wood can be found in natural cosmetics, but is also used for massages and aromatherapy. Sandalwood also plays an important role in medicine.

The scent of sandalwood is earthy, woody and sweet. The scent is said to have a stimulating and calming effect. It should not be confused with the scent of patchouli. The latter is a plant from the labiate family.

Skin-friendly and moisturizing

Sandalwood coconut soap is well tolerated by the skin and is also ideal as a hand soap. All the natural lipids, including the valuable glycerine, are retained in the cold-stirred coconut soap during production, giving it special properties for gentle cleansing and mild skin care. Glycerine has the property of regulating the skin's moisture and protecting it from drying out.

Thanks to a skin-friendly excess of unsaponified coconut oil, the soap has a pleasant moisturizing effect on the skin every time it is used. The soft, velvety and full-bodied soap lather unfolds its fragrant cleansing power effectively on the skin. It contains no synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives.

The slightly alkaline coconut soap has a pH value of 9 to 10. Our coconut soap and the virgin coconut oil itself are known for their slightly antibacterial effect. The coconut oil used for the soap consists of over 60 percent medium-chain fatty acids and contains 50 g lauric acid per 100 g.

Coconut oil is a valuable raw material

It is not without reason that we use the valuable oil of the coconut to make our soap. As almost all parts of the coconut palm are used in different ways, it serves as a diverse resource that is also known as the Tree of Life. In the tropics, the coconut palm is of enormous economic importance as the most important crop plant and is also a fundamental source of nutrients. The harvested coconut is classified as a highly nutritious functional food as it is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds. Coconut oil is also ideal for the production of our cold-stirred soaps.

We do not use any synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives in the production of our soaps. All Solling Naturkosmetik skin oils, balms and soaps bear the internationally recognized NATRUE organic cosmetics seal. Our sandalwood coconut soap is vegan and is not tested on animals. The coconut oil used comes from controlled organic cultivation.

NATRUE organic cosmetics seal

Soap bears the NATRUE organic cosmetics seal

The soap is a natural product. Like all skin oils, balms and soaps from Solling Naturkosmetik, it bears the internationally recognized NATRUE organic cosmetics seal for "genuine" natural cosmetics.


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from Sabine Lewandowski at 30.09.2020
Begeistert bin ich von den Seifen! Das war eine Erstbestellung und sicherlich nicht die letzte Bestellung der Seifen. Wir verwenden sie zum duschen und zum Haare waschen. Trotz Färbemittel wurden die Haare nach ein paar Tagen der Stumpfheit wirklich gut kämmbar. Die gesamte Haut hat sich verändert. Die Kopfhaut hat sich... mehr >>
from Jochen Korm at 09.11.2021
Die Seifen auf Kokosöl-Basis sind allesamt sehr angenehm, rückfettend und tun hervorragend das, was Seife tun soll: Schmutzige Haut reinigen. Wer gerne, wie ich, mit den bloßen Händen in der Gartenerde wühlt, weiß das zu schätzen
from Jochen Korm at 20.05.2021
Die Seifen der Ölmühle halten, was sie versprechen: Sehr gut rückfettend. Das ist gerade jetzt, bei intensiver Gartenarbeit - gerne auch ohne Handschuhe - unverzichtbar. Der Duft ist angenehm und nicht zu intensiv.
from Friedrich Pardun at 27.11.2020
In puncto Nachhaltigkeit liegt das klassische Seifenstück bei uns auf jeden Fall vorne. Zur Körperpflege und täglichen Händewaschen bei uns ganz vorn. Haare und Kopfhaut tut es auch sehr gut.
from Gabriele Klepper at 13.02.2024
Eine angenehme Seife, die extrem gut aufschäumt. Ich benutze sie mit Waschhandschuh, aber auch beim duschen. Gerne werde ich andere Seifen ausprobieren. Ich empfehle diese Seife sehr gerne.
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