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ORGANIC Blackberry balsamic vinegar

Blackberry balsamic vinegar
EU Bio
  • fruity-sweet vinegar cream with a fine blackberry note
  • with ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
  • made with organic red wine vinegar
  • ideal for fruity salad dressings and sauces
  • for crêpes, waffles, ice cream and yoghurt
  • easy to dose thanks to the practical pouring aid
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Blackberry balsamic vinegar 250 ml
250 ml 11,90 €
11,90 €*
250 ml
47,60 € / 1 l
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Our blackberry vinegar cream impresses with its sweet and sour blackberry notes and, combined with nut oils, not only goes well with summer salads but also as a topping for desserts such as vanilla ice cream and panna cotta. Desserts such as waffles, crêpes and fruit salads can also be enhanced with the vinegar cream. One bottle of blackberry vinegar cream contains the juice of around 220 g of blackberries.

The blackberry vinegar cream can be perfectly combined with our freshly milled cold-pressed hazelnut oil, hemp oil or the fine apricot kernel oil. Of course, the sweet cream also goes well with many other oils - a vinaigrette can be prepared in endless variations with our fine vinegar creams and mill-fresh oils. The basic recipe is very simple: 1 part vinegar, 3 parts oil and salt and pepper to taste.

Naturally without additives

If you discover a cloudy, jelly-like mass in an opened vinegar cream bottle after a while, this does not mean that it has gone off. On the contrary, it is a good sign of a traditionally produced and unpasteurized vinegar. A so-called vinegar mother forms. This is what experts call the important acetic acid bacteria that convert alcohol into acetic acid with the help of oxygen. When a vinegar is opened, these natural little helpers can become active again under certain circumstances.

Slight changes in color are also normal with organic products, including our blackberry vinegar cream. If the opened vinegar darkens slightly over time or forms sediment, this does not affect the quality. On the contrary, natural color differences and a naturally cloudy sediment show that we do not use colorants or emulsifiers, but offer you a natural product.

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Our date vinegar cream gives salads and sauces a sophisticated, sweet note. Honey or sugar are no longer necessary when preparing dressings with the vinegar cream. Don't miss out: our date vinegar cream goes perfectly with mozzarella, goat's cheese and halloumi. It combines perfectly with our cold-pressed argan oil made from roasted argan almonds.


Our exotic mango vinegar cream is particularly fresh and fruity. The natural and intense mango flavor makes the vinegar the perfect accompaniment for waffles and crêpes. The vinegar cream also adds a particularly fruity note to sweet and sour Asian sauces. A dressing made from mango vinegar cream and passion fruit seed oil enhances any salad.


Our orange vinegar cream is a fruity-sweet combination of artisan balsamic vinegar and organic orange juice concentrate. The cream refines salad dressings and sauces and also goes perfectly with Asian dishes. Desserts such as waffles, crêpes, ice cream and fruit salads can also be enhanced with the vinegar cream.


Our raspberry vinegar cream impresses with its sweet and sour raspberry notes and, combined with walnut oil, not only goes well with summer salads but also as a fruity topping for desserts such as vanilla ice cream, yoghurt and panna cotta. Try a dash of raspberry vinegar cream in mineral water for a fruity refreshment.

Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate seeds are a popular ingredient in salads and desserts. The fruity-sweet pomegranate vinegar cream adds a unique touch to salads with fruit, raw vegetable salads and goat's cheese. Combined with our pomegranate seed oil, it creates a special dressing for gourmets.

Made in the family manufactory in Solling

The quality of our culinary delicacies is of the utmost importance to us and our motto has always been quality over quantity. For this reason, much of the production of our vinegar creams is still done by hand. Starting with the careful selection of organic raw materials, through the gentle production of the basic vinegars, to the balancing of the fine ingredients. Our vinegar creams are only ever produced in small batches. The fine vinegars are never mixed with synthetic additives. This ensures that the typical, fruity taste and high quality of our products are preserved in the best possible way.


For salad dressings, sauces, dips and cheese. As a topping for desserts and ice cream, as well as waffles and crêpes.



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from Marion Runkel at 15.03.2021
Das Produkt ist wirklich gut, aber mit dem Begriff Essigcreme verbinde ich eine dicklichere Konsistenz, evtl. wie Balsamico, der auch ins süß-saure geht. Insofern fand ich die Bezeichnung irreführend.
from Monika Bassermann at 30.05.2021
Diese Essigcreme schmeckt intensiv nach Brombeeren, ist uns allerdings zu wenig cremig als Sosse über Eis.
from Uta Steen at 15.06.2023
Die Brombeer Essigcreme schmeckt gut zum Salat. Mein Favorit bleibt aber die Dattel Essigcreme.
from Manuela Schmidbauer at 27.05.2021
Sehr feiner Essig. Hat aber keine Crema.....einfach mal ein anderer Geschmack am Blattsalat.
from Wolfgang Dahl at 10.05.2024
wir haben die Creme zum esten mal probiert zu unserem selbstgemachten Eis. Ein Genus
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