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Coconut cocoa butter lip balm

Coconut cocoa butter lip balm
  • with a fine cocoa scent
  • soft-melting texture due to beeswax
  • with coconut oil and pomegranate seed oil
  • long-lasting moisture
  • without fragrances, colours and preservatives
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Our lip balm with coconut oil, cocoa butter, pomegranate seed oil, broccoli seed oil and natural beeswax is a rich lip care with soft-melting texture. Nourishing and smoothening broccoli seed oil gives the balm an additional moisturising effect. The lip balm leaves a soft and tender feeling on the lips, without being sticky.

We do not use sythetic fragrances, colours or preservatives in the production process of our lip balm. Conventional products often contain these additives next to other harmful substances like fats on the basis of petroleum, silicones, stabilisers and cosmetic colours which do not only harm the environment but also the skin.

Valuable ingredients

Virgin coconut oil is the basis for our lip balm. The exotic oil gives the balm a pleasant scent and acts as natural protective layer for unsaturated fatty acids. We enhance the oil with precious pomegranate seed oil, broccoli seed oil and beeswax which have regenerating effects on the lips.
Natural cocoa butter supplies the balm with a fine hint of cocoa which perfectly matches the coconut aroma. Its high content of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids as well as the valuable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants moisturise the skin and protect it from drying out, even when it is cold outside. Pomegranate seed oil is very popular in skin care. It is especially rich in punicic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid, which have antioxidative properties. Flavonoids and polyphenols in the oil are known as regenerating and protecting substances. Broccoli seed oil is a nourishing and smoothening oil which gives the balm an additional moisturising effect. 

Lip scrub for tender lips

Skin scrubs help the skin to regenerate and remove dead skin cells. They do not only revitalise body and face, the also make your lips soft and tender.

½ tsp. coconut oil
½ tsp. coconut flower sugar or cane sugar
½ tsp. honey

Mix the ingredients and gently massage into the lips for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and damp dry with a soft towel. This gently removes dead cells, revitalises and moisturises the skin. Apply coconut cocoa butter lip balm afterwards.

Sensitive natural cosmetics by Solling Naturkosmetik

For our sensitive skin care line, we only use pure and natural raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. The precious skin care oils are produced gently and have protective and moisturising effects. Natural and pure care for a soft skin.


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from Olga Dörsing at 20.01.2022
Irgendwie habe ich hier keine klare Meinung. Es ist für mich vielleicht viel zu viel "Natur". Ich denke, ich hätte mehr Kokos oder Kakao Duft erwartet. Anderseits steht auf dem Lippenpflege - Naturkosmetik. Also ich würde persönlich das Produkt nicht mehr kaufen. Für mich ist einfach ein Rätzel, warum auf dem Stick "KOKOS... mehr >>
KAKAOBUTTER MIT Granatapfelkernöl" steht_ wenn es nich so duften oder schmeckt. Wenn das wichtige Zutaten, dann soll es unter Zutatenliste stehen
from Annette Engel at 24.03.2022
Geschmeidiger Stift, der die Lippen pflegt, die Trockenheit geht jedoch nicht weg. An die weiche Konsistenz musste ich mich beim Auftragen erst gewöhnen.
from Jasmin Schubach at 08.10.2023
Leider hält er nicht lange auf den Lippen, ansonsten aber ein super Tragegefühl, welches sehr pflegend ist.
from Gabriele Siegmeier at 09.11.2022
...sehr fettig auf den Lippen, ja ist es Butter aber ....
from Ingrid Garke-Marzin at 14.02.2023
Sehr gut in der Anwendung jedoch recht teuer
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