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skin care oil

  • from 100 % organic cultivation
  • gently cold-pressed
  • without the addition of fragrances, colours and preservatives
  • with a light, waxy texture
  • non-sticky and non-greasy
  • suitable for demanding skin
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Jojoba 50 ml
50 ml 9,90 €
9,90 €*
50 ml
198,00 € / 1 l
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Our organic jojoba oil is moisture-regulating and protects even mature skin from drying out. Its light, waxy texture creates a thin, non-sealing lipid film with the skin sebum which retains the moisture and allows the skin breath. It absorbs quickly and gives long-lasting moisture without a greasy or sticky skin feel.

Vegetable oils for skin care

Our skin care oils pamper the skin and ideal for the daily skin care of face and body. Our jojoba oil fuses with the skin's own lipid layer and supplies it with vitamins, essential fatty acids and phytochemicals for an all-natural skin care - because we are convinced that nature has everything to offer that our skin needs.

Sensitive care for sensitive face skin

In skin care, less is more: Our jojoba oil is free from fragrances and essential oils and helps even dry skin to stay moisturised for a long period of time. It also has a good skin tolerance and protects the delicate skin of the face. Jojoba oil contains valuable antioxidants which neutralise free radicals and has an anti-aging effect.

Paronama Ellen

Mix & Match

Individual and unique: Every skin is different and so are its needs. Therefore, all of our skin care products can be mixed to match your individual needs. Our jojoba skin care oil can be combined with your creams and lotions. Just add a small amount to your face cream for more skin elasticity and a natural tinted complexion.

Skin scrubs for face and body

Skin scrubs can help the skin to regenerate and unclog the pores. Making your own scrub with jojoba oil at home is very easy: Simply mix sea salt, coconut flower sugar, almond meal or coffee grounds (depending on the desired grain) with the oil, gently apply the mixture in circular movements and rinse with lukewarm water. This way, dead cells are removed and the skin is vitalised and pampered. We recommend to use body scrubs in the shower.

Sensitive natural cosmectics by Solling Naturkosmetik

For our sensitive skin care line, we only use pure and natural raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. The precious skin care oils are produced gently and have protective and moisturising effects. Natural and pure care for a soft skin.


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from Elina Koriath at 01.10.2021
Ich pflege damit vor allem die Haut an Hals und Decollete, mag den dezenten Schimmer, den (Nicht-) Duft und einfach das Hautgefühl. Aber ich lasse es immer recht lange einziehen und verstreiche es gut, denn ich bin mir unsicher, ob es an helle Shirts abfärbt.
from Patricia van Gorkom at 29.10.2020
Gefallen hat mir der Preis für die bio Qualität. Jojoba ist ein kleiner Anteil in meiner Körperpflege. Ich bin Selbstrührer. Die schonende Kaltpressung habe ich ausnahmsweise geglaubt.
from Gabriele Mathes at 14.03.2022
sehr schönes Öl, um die Haut mit Feuchtigkeit zu versorgen. Zieht gut ein und fettet nicht nach.
from Felix Carl at 30.05.2023
Durchaus positive Wirkung bei einem Igel mit u.a. trockener Haut der aufgepeppelt werden muss.
from Gabriele Schulz at 16.05.2023
Habe ich verschenkt, Empfängerin lobte bereits nach wenigen Anwendungen das Produkt.
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