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ORGANIC Olive oil/greece [organic] vita verde

extra virgin koroneiki

Olive oil/greece [organic] vita verde
EU Bio
Greek agriculture
  • made from fully ripe organic Koroneiki olives
  • from the Greek Peloponnese peninsula
  • Mild and pleasant olive flavor
  • a classic of Mediterranean cuisine
  • suitable for steaming and frying
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Olive oil/greece [organic] vita verde 250 ml
250 ml 8,90 €
Olive oil/greece [organic] vita verde 500 ml
500 ml 15,90 €
8,90 €*
250 ml
35,60 € / 1 l
*incl. 7 % tax plus shipping
15,90 €*
500 ml
31,80 € / 1 l
*incl. 7 % tax plus shipping

A rarity among olive oils. Optimum ripeness, gentle processing and raw food quality are the culinary characteristics of this olive oil made from fully ripe Koroneiki olives from the Peloponnese. In recent years, a small group of olive growers in the Peloponnese have been convinced of the high cultivation and quality criteria. They now cultivate exclusively according to the strict Vita Verde quality guidelines. All of these groves are located close together at an altitude of over 500 meters. This altitude means that the fruit ripens more slowly, receives more hours of sunshine and is firmer and tastier. Irrigation is not used.

The Koroneiki olive is a small, firm olive and is known for its fruitiness, which is the basis for this tasty, fruity but not bitter olive oil. The olives are only picked by hand when they are fully ripe, transported in baskets and brought directly to the mill by the farmers. There they are sorted. Only the best olives are used for our olive oil. Our high-quality extra virgin olive oil with a fine, fruity, mild taste is then produced within a few hours using the first cold pressing method! Unique.

All Vita Verde olives are organically grown in accordance with EU Organic Regulation (EC) No. 848/2018. This means that they are free from fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Regular analyses of the olive oil confirm its high purity and quality. Any contact with plastics is strictly avoided. Accordingly, the olive oil is also completely free from plasticizers (phthalates).

Olive harvesting using the safe-bird method

At Ölmühle Solling, we assure you that all the olive oils we offer in our range are made from olives harvested using the Safe Bird method.

Why does a certain harvesting method pose a risk to songbirds? Farmers in the Mediterranean region start harvesting their olives in October. In intensive cultivation on large plantations, olives are sometimes harvested with certain harvesting machines in order to save costs for harvesting assistants. The olives are shaken from the trees at night and are not collected by hand with nets, but are sucked in with large machines. By harvesting at night, the farmers also hope to improve the shelf life of the olives. This is because olives that are harvested during the day are heated by the sunlight and need to be processed more quickly after harvesting. However, the problem is that the night-time harvest takes place in the dark. At this time, numerous songbirds are resting in the trees. Due to the loud noises made by the harvesting machines in the dark, most of the birds remain disoriented in the trees in search of shelter. This leads to the birds being sucked in and killed. This would be different if the machines were used during the day, as the birds are not disoriented in daylight and can leave the trees. Fortunately, this harvesting method is being used less and less, as large international olive oil companies are being petitioned to ban the harvesting method that relies on sucking olives out of the trees at night.

We assure you that the olives for our olive oils are only harvested during the day without the use of suction cups and with absolute respect for the animals and the environment.


Olive oil is obtained from the pulp of olives by cold pressing and contains unsaturated fatty acids (approx. 78% oleic acid) and valuable minerals.

The relationship between fats in the diet and high blood pressure has not yet been fully clarified. However, it has been proven that the Mediterranean diet with its various properties, high content of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), carbohydrates, fiber and micronutrients has a beneficial effect on a healthy lifestyle.


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from Ursula Mues at 19.09.2022
Der Geschmack ist frisch nach Oliven, lecker im Salat oder auch nur auf geröstetem Brot. Sehr zu empfehlen! Bevor ich die Solinger Ölmühle kannte gab es in meinem Haushalt nur Olivenöl und Rapsöl. Jetzt bin ich auf den Geschmack gekommen und finde es sehr spannend die einzelnen Ölsorten auszuprobieren. Und dieses Öl ist... mehr >>
mein Favorit bei kalten Gerichten
from Ralf Philipp at 24.08.2020
Das Öl schmeckt wie beschrieben und hat zudem noch eine tolle Farbe. Eher mild, nicht zu fruchtig und nicht grasig, kratzt beim Abgang nicht im Hals. Toller milder Geschmack, nicht zu dominant. Wir verwenden es nur an kalten Gerichten, meist an Salate oder über schöne Tomaten mit Mozzarella, Bulgursalat, Couscoussalat,... mehr >>
from Astrid Schubert at 01.09.2022
Ich habe das Öl erstmalig bestellt, es ist wirklich ein ganz tolles Öl! Man schmeckt die gute Qualität. Kein Kratzen im Hals, es ist nicht bitter oder scharf! Kann es nur weiter empfehlen, wenn man ein wohlschmeckendes, mildes, sehr köstliches Olivenöl pur oder auf Weißbrot genießen möchte! Natürlich auch im Salat top!
from Joachim Keller at 06.10.2023
Ist nicht die erste Flasche die ich über die Ölmühle Sollingen beziehe. Das Öl hat einen ausgewogenen Geschmack und eine tolle Farbe. Ich verwende es hauptsächlich zur Zubereitung von Salaten. Habe auch schon das Olivenöl aus Italien und aus Palästina probiert. Kann alle, die von mir probierten Öle wärmstens empfehlen.
from Manuela Güth at 20.03.2024
Für mich das beste Olivenöl. Da ich es nicht so bitter mag, trotzdem der Olivengeschmack präsent sein sollte. Dieses Öl vereint beide Kriterien. Ich habe es immer vorrätig. Nutze es zum Braten & für Salate. Auch ab und zu einen kleinen Löffel voll pur in den Mund. Für mich schmeckt dieses Öl ausgezeichnet.
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Specification and ingredients

Olive oil/greece [organic] vita verde

Average energy and nutrient content for 100 g

3589 kJ / 857 kcal
100 g
14,1 g
78,5 g
7,4 g
0 g
    of which Sugars
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

Please enjoy our products as part of a diverse and balanced nutrition.

As a product of nature the composition of the oil can vary, the given specifications are therefore average values.


Olive oil, certified organic


Protect from light and heat.

Fatty acids diagram

saturated fatty acids
14,1 g
monounsaturated fatty acids
78,5 g
diunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6)
6,7 g
triple unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3)
0,7 g

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