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Rosehip skin care oil

Rosehip skin care oil
  • from 100 % organic cultivation
  • without fragrances, colours and preservatives
  • protective care for face and body
  • suitable for scar care
  • regenerates the skin overnight
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Rosehip skin care oil 50 ml
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50 ml
318,00 € / 1 l
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Our organic rosehip skin care oil is a moisturising care for face and body with skin-protecting effects. It absorbs slowly and deep into the skin and is suitable for very dry skin and treatment for pigmentation spots and scars. Its essential fatty acids regenerate the skin and help it to stay moisturised and smooth. You can apply the oil directly to the skin or mix it with your creams and lotions. If used as a bath oil, we recommend to mix the oil with cream or milk and stir the mixture in the warm bath water. If applied reguarly, almond oil makes the skin softer and smoother.

Rosehip oil for skin care

Rosehip oil contains trans-retinoic acid which has a healing effect and supports the natural regeneration of the skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen, a substance that promotes the ability of connective tissue to retain moisture.

Rosehip oil combined with other oils

Rosehip oil has a very special property: If combined with other oils, it unfolds further beneficial effects. For instance, if mixed with evening primrose oil which contains gamma-linolenic acid, it supports cell renewal. This makes it valuable for dry, mature and irritated skin. In combination with oils that are rich in oleic acid, such as argan oil, rose hip oil can help maintain the natural barrier layer and smoothes the skin in the long term. Rose hip oil is also ideally suited as supplement for body lotions. Just a small amount of the oil support the skin regeneration and lead to a higher absorption of moisture.

Rosehip oil for overnight treatments

Rosehip oil is perfect for treatments overnight because that way, it can take effect for a longer period of time. Sunlight makes the oil evaporate rather quickly, so it is more effective overnight during the skin's regenerative phase.

Face or body scrubs with skin care oils

Skin scrubs can help the skin to regenerate and unclog the pores. Making your own scrub with our rosehip oil at home is very easy: Simply mix sea salt, coconut flower sugar, almond meal or coffee grounds (depending on the desired grain) with the oil, gently apply the mixture in circular movements and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat the skin dry with a soft towel afterwards to keep the oil on the skin. Dead cells are removed and the skin is revitalised and pampered. The remaining rosehip oil supports the cell regeneration.

Sensitive natural cosmectics by Solling Naturkosmetik

For our sensitive skin care line, we only use pure and natural raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. The precious skin care oils are produced gently and have protective and moisturising effects. Natural and pure care for a soft skin.


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from Myriam Fähndrich at 18.07.2022
bin etwas enttäuscht, da ich mit einem Duft von Rose gerechnet habe; das Öl riecht allerdings nach gar nichts
from Renate Schwengers at 12.11.2020
Nicht feststellbarer Geruch nach Wildrose
from Imogen Schwarze at 05.05.2021
Habe den Eindruck es riecht ranzig.
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