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Sacha Inchi coconut skin balm

Sacha Inchi coconut skin balm
  • from 100 % organic production
  • without the addition of fragrances, colours and preservatives
  • gentle care for face and body
  • soft-melting texture with coconut oil and beeswax
  • with valuable omega-3 fatty acids
4,70 of 5 stars
from 243 ratings
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9,90 €*
50 ml
198,00 € / 1 l
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Our coconut skin balm Sacha Inchi is a treasure for damaged skin. It is based on virgin coconut oil, sheabutter and mango butter. The exotic oil does not only give the product a pleasant scent, it also acts as a natural protective coat for unsaturated fatty acids. The natural content of omega-3 fatty acids in the valuable Sacha Inchi oil protect and care for the skin. Red palm oil supplies it with antioxidants (vitamins A and E). The balm is ideally suited for the skin care of face and body and also soothes very dry skin areas like elbows or knees.

Sacha Inchi – a botanic treasure

Sacha Inchi oil contains 50 g alpha-linolenic acid, 35 g linoleic acid and around 10 g oleic acid per 100 g. That means that it has a similarly high content of alpha-linolenic acid like flaxseed oil. This essential fatty acid has regenerating and activating effects on the cells. Sacha Inchi oil has a characteristic, slightly bitter aroma which vanishes shortly after applying it to the skin. The oil is also known as treasure from the Amazon jungle. The indigenous people of the Amazon region and the Incas already appreciated the oil as rich skin care. In South America, Sacha Inchi oil is also a common edible oil. It is extracted from the Inca peanut, a weed-like plant from the family of the Euphorbiaceae. We purchase the Sacha Inchi liana from small organic farmers. This way, we support traditional cultivation methods, the future existence of old crops and species conservation.

Sensitive skin care with Sacha Inchi oil

Our Sacha Inchi coconut skin balm is free from fragrance and essential oils. Therefore, it is especially skin-tolerable. It is most effective to apply the balm on damp skin after a mild cleansing. That way, the valuable ingredients can be absorbed particularly well. The balm also soothes irritated skin after shaving.

Mix & Match

Individual and unique: Every skin is different and so are its needs. Therefore, all of our skin care products can be mixed to match your individual needs. Our Sacha Inchi coconut skin balm can be combined with creams and lotions. Just add a small amount to your face cream for more skin elasticity and extra moisture.

Face or body scrubs

Skin scrubs can help the skin to regenerate and unclog the pores. Making your own scrub with our Sacha Inchi skin balm at home is very easy: Simply mix sea salt, coconut flower sugar, almond meal or coffee grounds (depending on the desired grain) with the balm, gently apply the mixture in circular movements and rinse with lukewarm water. This way, dead cells are removed and the skin is revitalised and pampered. We recommend to use body scrubs in the shower.

Sensitive natural cosmectics by Solling Naturkosmetik

For our sensitive skin care line, we only use pure and natural raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. The precious skin care oils are produced gently and have protective and moisturising effects. Natural and pure care for a soft skin.


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from Petra Lammert at 05.10.2022
Der Haubalsam macht die Haut sehr geschmeidig. Allerdings gefallen mir der Geruch und die Konsistenz nicht gut. Es ist sehr flüssig, vielleicht auch bei den hohen Temperaturen in diesem Sommer. Aber es ist keine homogene Masse, sondern eher etwas krümelig, was sich in der Handwärme allerdings auflöst.
from Gritt Bosch at 30.07.2020
Der Balsam ist gewöhnungsbedürftig. Sehr fette Konsistenz auf der Haut. Das muss man mögen. Der Geruch stört mich nicht, ist halt herber, ungewohnt. Ich bin noch nicht sicher, ob das Balsam auf Dauer bei mir ins Badeschränkchen zieht. Daher auch „nur“ 3 Sterne
from Laura Schmidt at 29.05.2020
Der Geruch des Sacha Inchi ist wirklich Gewöhnungssache. Wenn man Freude am Geruch von Cremes während dem auftragen hat, dann ist das eher nicht die richtige Creme. Auf der Haut hinterlässt es ein gutes Gefühl, braucht allerdings etwas bis es eingezogen ist.
from Jutta Rath at 21.10.2020
Hmm, der Duft der Creme spricht mich nicht so an, darum verwende ich sie nicht häufig. Trotzdem 3 Sterne, weil gute Inhaltstoffe...
from David Nordmann at 01.03.2020
Über Nacht finde ich sie gut. Sie hat allerdings einen stärkeren Eigengeruch und fettet stark also nichts für den Tag.
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