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Turmeric Golden Milk

Golden Milk

The special ingredient in Golden Milk, also known as Golden Latte, is turmeric. It stems from the ginger family and has been an integral part of traditional oriental cuisine for thousands of years. In Germany, the roots are mostly known as ingredient in Southeast Asian dishes. Next to its exotic flavours, turmeric powder has an intense orange-yellow colour which is a highly effective natural dye.

Turmeric - Indian Solid Gold with healing power

Turmeric is also called Indian Saffron or even Indian Solid Gold. In the native growing areas India and Southeast Asia, Curcuma longa is considered sacred and has been worshipped for thousands of years. In Germany, it is mostly known as spice but over the past few years, turmeric and its possible use in medicine have been investigated further. The yellow rhizome is a well-tried natural remedy in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine. The aromatic golden powder made from turmeric plays an important role in Ayurvedic cooking and is said to have many healing effects, e.g. anti-inflammatory properties.

Golden Milk with turmeric

Golden Milk, prepared with turmeric powder and named after its yellow colour, has become more and more popular in the Western countries and is appreciated for its health benefits. The detox drink is often based on almond milk but you can also use oat or soy milk. Cow milk can also be an option but is only mentioned rarely. Many recipes recommend to add a teaspoon of almond oil per cup. So warm or cold Golden Milk is the perfect recipe to try out our almond oil, our almond vanilla spice oil or our cinnamon almond spice oil.

You can find a detailed recipe for Golden Milk with our virgin coconut oil, our ground turmeric powder and cinnamon almond spice oil in our recipe catologue.