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EU Bio
  • whole kernels, unblanched
  • in a practical jar with screw lid
  • from certified organic cultivation
  • with valuable fiber
  • ideal as a snack
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350 g
31,14 € / 1 kg
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The natural fresh almond kernels from certified organic farming. Due to their mild, nutty-sweet taste, they are particularly suitable for refining desserts and muesli or as a baking ingredient for bread, rolls and cakes. Almond kernels are also recommended in combination with savory dishes such as salads and vegetables.

Origin and harvest

The almond tree is botanically called Prunus dulcis Rosaceae and belongs to the rose family. Almond trees prefer the climate in warm, temperate zones. In spring, they impress with their pink flowers. The fruit develops from the blossoms. The ripe almond fruit is an elongated, egg-shaped drupe and has a gray-green, rough, leathery shell, under which the hard kernel shell with small indentations is concealed. This in turn contains the almond kernel.

Almonds are mainly harvested in the fall; the exact month depends on the variety and the growing region. The trees are no longer watered a few weeks before the harvest. The almond trees are shaken with special machines so that the fruit falls to the ground. The almond kernels are then sorted by size and quality checked by hand. Buy good almonds - all year round: as they are surrounded by a protective brown skin, almonds have a long shelf life.

Taste and use

Almond kernels are characterized by their mild, nutty taste. They can be used in many delicacies, especially for dessert lovers. You can buy many different types of almonds and a distinction is made between sweet almonds, bitter almonds and cracked almonds. Bitter almonds are not suitable for eating raw as they contain a poisonous bitter substance. Bitter almond oil is extracted from these almonds and is a must in every Christmas bakery for refining stollen, cookies and marzipan. Sweet almonds, such as this product, can be eaten raw without hesitation, as the bitter substance has been bred out of them, so that sweet almond kernels have a pleasantly sweet, nutty taste. This makes them the ideal ingredient for making almond oil, almond milk or almond paste. Ground almonds are also delicious in soufflé or almond croissants and in combination with caramel, brittle and nougat. Almonds are equally delicious in sweet and savory dishes. Cracked almonds have a similar flavor to sweet almonds, but are easier to crack.


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from Jutta Hitzler at 12.11.2019
Die Mandeln schmecken gu, werde mir auch Salzmandel davon machen.
from Cornelia Buchholt at 15.12.2022
Die Mandeln sind wie immer gut. Die Idee mit dem Glas finde ich grenzwertig. 1. Werden bei der Herstellung von Glas ebenso viele Ressourcen verbraucht , besser fände ich "moderne Kunststoffe" aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen. 2. Ist die Füllmenge gering und das Glas ist zur Weiterverwendung etwas klein.
from Werner Stohs at 07.01.2022
Die Mandeln sind von merklich guter Qualität. Ich habe sie zunächst bestellt, weil ich sie sehr gerne mag. Die guten gesundheitlichen Eigenschaften sind mir erst später bekannt geworden - ein Grund mehr, sie regelmäßig zu bestellen.
from Cornelia Buchholt at 09.02.2022
Da ich nur Europäische Mandeln kaufe und im Moment sehr viele brauche habe ich diese gekauft. Ein Stern Abzug weil die Mandeln immer sehr "staubig" sind und beim roh Verzehr etwas im Hals kratzen. Daher wasche ich sie immer vorher ab.
from Elvira Reiß at 08.01.2021
Schmecken lecker , keine bitteren dabei. Ich verwende sie seit einiger Zeit für "muntere Mandel". D.h. ich weiche sie in Wasser für ca. 2 Tage ein und erneuere morgens und abends das Wasser. Lecker! Nach AngerlikA Fürstler!
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