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BIO Herb garlic spice oil

Herb garlic spice oil
EU Bio
EU- / non EU agriculture
  • with canola, safflower and sunflower seed oil
  • refined with garlic and aromatic herbs
  • rich in monounsaturated fatty acids
  • for marinating and seasoning of warm and cold dishes
  • vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free
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Herb garlic spice oil 100 ml
100 ml 5,50 €
Herb garlic spice oil 500 ml
500 ml 9,90 €
5,50 €*
100 ml
55,00 € / 1 l
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9,90 €*
500 ml
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A classic of local German cuisine: Pepper, fresh rosemary, caraway, mustard seeds, bay leaves, juniper berries and garlic characterise the unique, savoury taste of this spice oil. The harmonious blend of cold-pressed canola, safflower and sunflower seed oil serves as basis for the aromatic oil.

Our herb garlic oil can be heated moderately in the pan and turns warm and cold dishes into culinary highlights. It goes well with savoury salads, meat or fish marinades or soups or sauces. Tip: Drizzle it over baguette as simple yet delicious starter or snack or serve with briefly pan roasted bread.

Valuable basis: Canola, sunflower seed and safflower oil from organic cultivation

Our popular herb spice garlic oil is based on cold-pressed canola, sunflower seed and safflower oil. As "olive oil of the North", canola oil even exceeds olive oil in its content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Sunflower seed oil is charaterised by a mild taste and its high content of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as vitamin E (around 48 g per 100 ml). Safflower oil is especially rich in linoleic acid (around 80 g per 100 g) which contributes to a normal level of cholesterol in the blood. Thus, the combination of these three valuable oils is perfect for our exquisite herb garlic spice oil.


Our herb garlic oil can be heated moderstely in the pan and turns warm and cold dishes into culinary highlights. Ideal for savoury salads, meat and fish marinades, soups and sauces. Also delicious with baguette or pan roasted bread.


Syrian cucumber salad

Syrian cucumber salad

Cucumber salad with three of our precious spice oils. Yogurt neutralises the pungency of the chili oil for a pleasant spiciness. zum Rezept


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from Gerald Georgi at 25.09.2014
Darauf fährt meine Tochter ab.
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Specification and ingredients

Herb garlic spice oil

Average energy and nutrient content for 100 g

3700 kJ / 900 kcal
100 g
8,4 g
43,6 g
48,0 g
0 g
    of which Sugars
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

Please enjoy our products as part of a diverse and balanced nutrition.

As a product of nature the composition of the oil can vary, the given specifications are therefore average values.


Rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*, thistle oil*, caraway*, mustard*, pepper*, bay leaf*, juniper*, rosemary*, garlic extract


9 - 12 months


Store in a cool and dark place.

Fatty acids diagram

saturated fatty acids
8,4 g
monounsaturated fatty acids
43,6 g
diunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6)
44 g
triple unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3)
4 g

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