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ORGANIC Olive oil with bergamot

Principe di Gerace

Olive oil with bergamot
EU Bio
  • with mild organic olives from Calabria, which are manually harvested
  • refined with fine notes of bergamot
  • full-bodied oil for gourmets
  • ideal for Mediterranean cuisine
  • vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free
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250 ml
43,60 € / 1 l
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The Principe di Gerace olive oil with bergamot is appreciated for its mild olive taste combined with fine notes of bergamot. It is exclusively produced from selected Calabrian olives, which grow on the property of the Anastasi family. The fully ripe olives are harvested manually and are ground only a few hours after the harvesting at a temperature below 27 °C. The high-quality olive oil is refined with organic essential bergamot oil. The resulting oil speciality is a full-bodied, extraordinary olive oil that captivates gourmets and enthusiasts of Mediterranean cuisine alike. The olive oil with bergamot is perfect for fresh salads, steamed or grilled meat or as a dip with bread as simple yet delicious starter.


The organic olive oil with bergamot is ideally suited for many Mediterranean dishes. It refines fresh salads and steamed or grilled meat. Also suitable for dips, marinades or for frying and steaming.

Ingredients: 99.6 % organic olive oil extra vergine, 0.4 % organic essential bergamot oil


Fried potatoes with curry

Fried potatoes with curry

Recipe for fried potatoes refined with our Curry coconut spice oil. Topped off with chopped chives or parsley. zum Rezept


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from Dr. Bernhard Saak at 06.08.2023
Das ist nicht so mein Fall. Tee mit Bergamotte mag ich sehr, Das Öl ist gewöhnungsbedürftig.
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