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BIO Palm oil


Palm oil
EU Bio
Non EU agriculture
Fair for Life Zertfiziert
  • from cultivation in small farmers' cooperative
  • guaranteed without clearing valuable rainforests
  • rich in carotenoids and tocotrienols
  • for African and Asian cuisine
  • vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free
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Palm oil 30 ml
30 ml 2,00 €
Palm oil 250 ml
250 ml 6,50 €
Palm oil 1 l
1 l 18,90 €
2,00 €*
30 ml
66,67 € / 1 l
*incl. 7 % tax plus shipping
6,50 €*
250 ml
26,00 € / 1 l
*incl. 7 % tax plus shipping
18,90 €*
1 l
18,90 € / 1 l
*incl. 7 % tax plus shipping

Organic red palm oil from "Naturland Fair" certified project

Sustainable, fair and organic. Of course, our "Naturland Fair" certified palm oil has nothing to do with conventional palm oil that is produced for industrial uses and for which precious rainforests are cleared. On the contrary, with our partner project in Ghana, we support farming families on site and support sustainable cultivation without the catastrophic impacts on humans, animals and the environment.

Our untreated palm oil comes from organic cultivation and its nutritious value is often underestimated. It is a valuable source of vitamins A and E and an integral part of African and Asian cuisine.

Compared to our previous palm oil of EU organic standard, this product has a slightly stronger aroma and taste. We used to filter our previous palm oil before bottling which we skip now to receive a virgin oil with all its valuable ingredients, especially the fatty acid spectrum.

Palm oil is very heat resistant and can be used for steaming, frying and deep-frying or as basis for savoury spreads.

Against destruction of the environment and industrial agriculture

The oil palm is one of the most important crops in the world. Conventional cultivation in monocultures often involves clearing of rainforests which is criticised by many - and rightly so. Especially in Southeast Asia and Africa (Rwanda, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines), still many hectares of rainforest are cleared to build more and larger plantations. This destroys the habitat of numerous animal and plant species. We dissociate from this kind of industrial agriculture as well as using foodstuffs for power generation, be it corn, grain or oil crops.

Organic palm oil, a traditional food crop

Palm oil has been a traditional, valuable food crop in Africa and Asia for centuries and should not be treated as industrial raw material. At Ölmühle Solling, we offer untreated palm oil from gentle production processes. It is marked by its natural orange-red colour and a characteristic taste. With its high content of carotenoids (precursors to vitamin A) and tocotrienols (vitamin E), it can make a valuable contribution to a sensible, balanced diet.


Ideal for frying and baking or as a spread.


Aubergine bell pepper spread

Aubergine bell pepper spread

Aubergine bell pepper spread with a piquant aroma. Refined with Harissa coconut spice oil and argan oil. Ideal as a starter with baguette or ciabatta. zum Rezept


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from Tatjana Harbauer at 02.04.2021
Super Produkt! Aufs Brot, aber auch zum Braten. Einzige Nachteil: Es spritzt farbig rum:-) Und trotzdem werde immer wieder bestellen, weil es verdammt lecker und gesund ist!
from Bärbel Renate Moeller at 23.03.2022
Eine Zeitlang aß ich täglich dieses wunderbare Palmöl, gab es in Suppen und Eintöpfe, verwendete es als Aufstrich. Momentan probiere ich andere Öle.
from Lydia Döhring-Scherzinger at 03.08.2020
Gibt diversen Gemüsesorten eine interessante asiatische Note! Eignet sich allerdings nicht für sämtliche Gerichte wie andere neutrale Öle.
from Eliza Leusmann at 30.07.2022
Geruch und Geschmack sind gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber hier merkt man endlich mal, wie das unraffinierte Produkt schmeckt.
from Melanie Hennecken at 19.03.2023
schmeckt etwas intensiv. Habe es auf Empfehlung gekauft, da viel Vitamin E enthalten sein soll...
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Specification and ingredients

Palm oil

Average energy and nutrient content for 100 g

3700 kJ / 900 kcal
100 g
49,6 g
38,8 g
11,6 g
0 g
    of which Sugars
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
Vitamin A
2.800 µg (350 % **)
Vitamin E
21 mg (175 % **)

**Percent of the reference quantity for the daily intake

Please enjoy our products as part of a diverse and balanced nutrition.

As a product of nature the composition of the oil can vary, the given specifications are therefore average values.


Red palm oil contains numerous tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E variants) as well as carotenoids (vitamin A variants), which complement a nutritionally adequate diet.


Palm oil, certified organic


9 - 12 months


Store in a cool and dark place. Spreadable at room temperature.

Fatty acids diagram

saturated fatty acids
49,6 g
monounsaturated fatty acids
38,8 g
diunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6)
11 g
triple unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3)
0,6 g

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