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ORGANIC Kalamata olives

extra virgin

Kalamata olives
EU Bio
  • Kalamata olive with stone
  • fruity and firm to the bite
  • gently harvested by hand
  • preserved in extra virgin organic olive oil
  • refined with oregano and bay leaf
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330 g
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The Kalamata olive variety is considered the queen of table olives.

Vita Verde Kalamata olives come from the Sparta growing region in Laconia in the south of the Peloponnese peninsula. They are harvested in December and January, when the olives are black. Due to the late harvest and the correspondingly long ripening period, the olives are particularly aromatic.

Kalamata olives are often grown and processed in the traditional way. They are harvested by hand and can either be preserved in brine or oil to develop their characteristic flavor.

Aromatic fruit due to long ripening period

The Greek olive variety Kalamata is considered the queen of table olives. It takes its name from the city of Kalamata on the Peloponnese peninsula. The olive is plump, fleshy, fruity and firm to the bite. The taste is intense and spicy. The almond-shaped and intensely dark red to dark purple fruit is preserved in organic olive oil and refined with a little salt, garlic, oregano and bay leaf. The natural ingredients are used for preservation. The olives are of raw food quality.

Olive trees grow in the Mediterranean climate

Kalamata olive trees prefer a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and dry, hot summers. The trees need well-drained soil and sufficient sunlight. In spring, the olive trees produce small, inconspicuous blossoms. The olives finally ripen in the fall. During the ripening process, their color changes from green to purple to black. The fruits develop their characteristic taste. The olives are harvested gently by hand to preserve the quality of the fruit.

Gently processed and original in taste

Basile Teberekides, founder of Vita Verde Naturkost, is committed to controlled organic cultivation in Greece. He set up a cooperative of farmers there around 30 years ago. The company cultivates its natural olive groves in the highlands of the Peloponnese together with this farmers' cooperative. Together they produce organic, sustainable and raw food quality olive oil, olives and various types of pesto. The company, based in Cologne, pays attention to the highest organic quality, gentle processing and original taste.


Kalamata olives can be eaten on their own. They are suitable as a snack for the whole family or as an ingredient for starters and antipasti platters, also in combination with other olives, cheese, nuts and bread. They harmonize perfectly with feta, tomatoes and rocket.

Kalamata olives refine green salads, pasta salads or Mediterranean salads. The aromatic fruit goes perfectly with pasta dishes. They also refine sauces, dips and serve as a base for tapenade or as a spread. Olives add a spicy note to pizza and tarte flambée. They can also be used in sandwiches and wraps.

Our tip: Have you already run out of olives? You can use the remaining aromatic organic olive oil for salad dressings or for pickling vegetables.


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from Yvonne Klausing at 21.09.2023
In Öl eingelegt sind mir die Oliven viel zu fettig. Der Lorbeer macht die Oliven auch sehr bitter. Wenn ich welchen im Haushalt verwende lasse ich ihn aus diesem Grund niemals bis zum Schluss im Essen. Die Oliven sind auch leider nicht richtig reif, das merkt man an der harten Konsistenz und sieht man an der hellen Farbe. Die... mehr >>
eingelegten Oliven vom ALDI schmecken mir viel besser.
from Cornelia Hesselmann at 02.01.2024
Wir wollten die Oliven mal ausprobieren...Boah, sind die lecker! Die würden bei uns mind. 10 Sterne bekommen....Fein und doch sehr intensiv im Geschmack. Optisch auf dem Teller schon toll anzusehen. Und den Tipp ein anderer Kundin, das Öl zum Einlegen von Fetakäse zu verwenden, werde ich sehr gerne ausprobieren!
from Christina Dudek at 30.06.2023
Ich habe die Oliven zum probieren bestellt. Sie sind ein Gedicht, sehr aromatisch nicht bitter. Die schmecken mir richtig gut obwohl ich ansonsten kein Fan von Oliven war. Probiert es selbst aus.
from Cornelia Hesselmann at 17.04.2024
Fest im Biss, Geschmacksexplosion im Mund, tolle Konsistenz. Wir sind jetzt mit diesen Oliven total angefixt! Ganze Familie will nur noch diese, andere kommen nicht mehr auf unsere Tische!
from Waltraud Meincke at 29.10.2023
Die aromatischen knackigen Kalamata Oliven gehören nebst griechischem Schafskäse immer auf meinen Bauernsalat. Das Öl eignet sich hervorragend, um Schafskäse darin einzulegen.
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