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ORGANIC Evening primrose oil capsules vegan

Evening primrose oil capsules vegan
EU Bio
  • 180 capsules in a jar
  • Dietary supplement
  • 3 capsules each in the morning & evening
  • vegan and 100 % natural
  • native organic evening primrose oil
  • produced in Germany
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17,90 €*
108 g
165,74 € / 1 kg
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Evening primrose is the basis for the oil capsules

The oil capsules are made with the same organic evening primrose oil that we also offer in our bottle. The difference: the high-quality oil is enclosed in a plant-based capsule. The vegan capsules offer the ideal solution for those who do not like taking oil in its pure form, especially as evening primrose oil has a characteristic, tart taste of its own.

Our capsules are tasteless and easy to dose. They are suitable for daily intake as a dietary supplement. The recommended daily amount is six capsules (3g oil). The jar contains 180 capsules.

Evening primrose: the name says it all

The seeds of the tall-growing evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) contain polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids, in particular gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid. Unsaturated fatty acids are essential. They cannot be produced independently by the body and must therefore be obtained from food.

Incidentally, the evening primrose is aptly named. On the one hand, its upright growth is reminiscent of a candle. It is also a night-flowering plant, which means that it opens its flowers as the light fades. Each individual flower of the evening primrose only blooms for one day. Inside the elongated fruits of the plant are the roundish seeds from which our oil is cold-pressed fresh from the mill.

This natural evening primrose oil is one of the few plant oils that contain a combination of essential linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid (approx. 10 g per 100 g). This is also the case with borage seed oil and hemp oil, for example.

The capsule shell is vegan

Vegan capsule shell

Capsule shells often consist of ingredients with animal by-products. One frequently used substance is bovine gelatine, for example. The capsule shells in which our organic evening primrose oil is filled consist of certified and purely plant-based ingredients (HPMC) and are therefore also suitable for a vegan diet. Our capsules are plug-in capsules.


Recommended intake: Take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening, unchewed, with sufficient liquid. Do not exceed the recommended dosage(6 capsules per day). Food supplements are no substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


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from Heike Berg at 12.11.2023
Ich nehme die Kapseln wegen meiner Neurodermitis-Attacken ein.Es ist bereits die dritte Dose,es hilft,aber man muß schon Geduld aufbringen. Nach der zweiten Dose zeigte sich bereits die Wirkung,bekomme zwar ab und an ganz leichte rote Stellen,aber wesentlich weniger als ohne Kapseln.
from Heide Hirzel at 15.03.2023
Sehr gut verträglich. Nach kurzer Zeit weniger bis keine allergische Hautreaktion bei meinen Histamin-Problemen. Ich bin jetzt schon begeistert. Folgebestellung wird bestimmt kommen.
from Heide Hirzel at 27.06.2023
Die Kapseln helfen von innen gegen die Histaminunveträglichkeit und eventuelle Ausschläge bzw. Entzündungen. Werde sie dauernd einnehmen.
from Alexandra Como at 07.06.2023
Sehr gute Qualität da wirklich nur reines Nachtkerzenöl in den Kapseln ist und diese sehr angenehm einzunehmen sind.
from Alexandra Como at 22.02.2024
Sie sind ein fester Bestandteil in unserer Nahrungsergänzung und wir sind ganz zufrieden mit dieser guten Qualität.
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