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ORGANIC Black cumin seed oil unfiltered


Black cumin seed oil unfiltered
EU Bio
  • virgin, unfiltered black cumin seed oil in raw food quality
  • from certified organic cultivation in Egypt
  • Nigella sativa
  • strong, slightly pungent taste
  • rich in lees and suspended matter
  • high content of essential oils and fatty substances
  • 703mg/100g thymoquinone
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Black cumin seed oil unfiltered 100 ml
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Black cumin seed oil unfiltered 250 ml
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Black cumin seed oil unfiltered 500 ml
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Black cumin seed oil unfiltered 4 x 250 ml
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100 ml
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250 ml
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500 ml
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4 x 250 ml
59,90 € / 1 l
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SchwarzkümmelsamenThis unfiltered organic black cumin oil is cold-pressed fresh from the mill from Egyptian black cumin seeds at Ölmühle Solling. As the oil is not filtered after the gentle pressing process, it still contains all the valuable lees and suspended matter. It is also rich in essential oils and fatty substances. Compared to filtered black cumin oil, unfiltered oil is thicker and has a more intense flavor.

Please swirl gently before use to distribute the sediment. Our organic products are natural products that are subject to natural fluctuations in their composition. This can affect not only the taste and fragrance but also the color of the products.

Black cumin oil filtered or unfiltered - treasures from Egypt

Black cumin seed oil
Unfiltered black cumin seed oil
tastes intensely aromatic
strong flavor, slightly spicy
contains essential oils and fatty by-products
also contains valuable lees and suspended matter
can be enjoyed pure by the spoonful
due to its pungent taste, dose with caution

At Ölmühle Solling, we have been producing mill-fresh black cumin oil from organically grown and fully ripened Egyptian black cumin seeds for over 20 years.

We have been offering this Egyptian treasure in unfiltered form since this spring. The unfiltered black cumin seed oil is characterized by a darker color and a stronger, slightly pungent taste; the sediment contains valuable substances that are normally filtered out. The essential, double unsaturated linoleic acid dominates in black cumin seed oil. The high proportion of essential oils, bitter substances and tannins are the reason for the popularity of black cumin oil for a variety of applications in folklore.

We also offer our filtered black cumin seed oil in vegan capsules for a tasteless intake.

Secondary plant substance thymoquinone

Thymoquinone is a secondary plant substance that belongs to the group of bioactive substances known as terpenes. Terpenes play an important role in the plant kingdom and fulfill various functions such as protecting against pests, attracting pollinators and defending against pathogens. Terpenes also contribute to the characteristic scents and aromas of many other plants. For example, they are contained in the essential oils of citrus fruits, conifers and flowers such as lavender and rosemary.

Thymoquinone has a characteristic aroma profile that is often described as spicy, earthy and slightly bitter. It exudes a strong, aromatic scent that is sometimes compared to a hint of black pepper, oregano or thyme. Our black cumin seed oils currently have a thymoquinone content of 703 mg/100 g.



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from Andrea Deichmann at 27.04.2020
Hatte das ungefilterte Öl bestellt. Ich fand es ungenießbar. Steige wieder auf das gefilterte um. Habe durch das Schwarzkümmelöl meine Allergien gut um Griff ohne Medikamente zu nehmen. War früher hoch allergisch gegen Birkenpollen. Nehme während der Akutphase einfach etwas mehr Öl und spüre schnell die Wirkung.
from Madina Iunusova at 13.12.2022
Schmeckt leider nicht so Internist wie es sein müsste .. habe schon andere probiert die besser waren. Hier schmeckt es so als wär Schwarzkümmelöl mit anderen neutralen Öl vermisch gewesen . Bestelle hier nicht mehr wieder .
from Dr. Bruno Voss at 10.05.2024
Im Vergleich zu früheren Abfüllungen verblieb diesmal sehr viel Mehl als unlösliche Substanz am Flaschenboden. Schade, denn genau dieses emulgierte Mehl ist der Grund für den Kauf des ungefilterten Öles.
from Peter Högenauer at 18.11.2023
Leider sind die Ausgießer schlecht. Es ist immer ein tropfen am Flaschengewinde der dann unkontrolliert abfällt. Das Produkt ist als solches sehr gut
from Karl-Heinz Götz at 21.12.2022
Die letzte Qualität von dem ungefiltertem nigella sativa war nicht besonders gut.
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